Cantina Canalla opens a new restaurant in Alcorcón

Scoundrel Canteen inaugurates its third location in the Community of Madridwhich means the fifth of the ensign at the national level. With this opening, the restaurant brand takes its concept of Mexican restaurant with a marked youthful style to the town of Alcorcon.

Photo: Cantina Canalla.

The new restaurant is located in the residential neighborhood of Las Retamas, at Calle Alfredo Nobel 3. Its capacity is for almost 50 diners and has a terrace of 40 mtwo.

For the conception of this restaurant, the Cantina Canalla team has opted for the design of a large kitchen. Thus, the idea is that it absorbs the high demand for deliverywhich is estimated to be almost 25% of turnover.

Carlos Foyaca, CEO of the brand, has declared: “This opening represents the validation of the business model of Cantina Canalla in residential areas with lower income per capitawhere we believe that there is a customer willing to enjoy a ticket similar to the local offer, a daring, casual and youthful proposal. We believe that Cantina Canalla can continue to offer a differentiating value in the neighborhoods without having to travel to the center of the city, bringing the end consumer closer to a meeting place to share Mexican food – hence the name of Cantina Canalla. Canteen-; and with a carefree decoration and presentation –that is why the Scoundrel-“.

Cantina Canalla adds 5 premises distributed in Madrid and Malaga

Scoundrel Canteen
Photo: Cantina Canalla.

The arrival of the brand in Alcorcón is the first step in a expansion plan that seeks to validate its business model in the south of Madrid.

The plan is to continue expanding to other towns near Alcorcón with high population density. And, furthermore, that they be areas in which there is a lot of youth.

This is because the concept is aimed at neighborhood youth who are looking for a different experience with respect to what is Mexican.

For this reason, the brand is present in areas of Madrid such as the neighborhood of Metals and Las Tablas, or from Malaga as Soho or the Teatinos area.

Scoundrel Canteen
Photo: Cantina Canalla.

Cantina Canalla proposes a very different experience regarding Mexican gastronomy. She highlights a casual decor and a concept of Mexican food that flee from the more traditional format which is customary to see in this type of restaurant in our country.

This is how Carlos Foyaca explained it: “We will continue trying to represent Mexican food outside of the folkloric and stereotyped concept that we have in Spain. After living five years in Mexico, we understood that restoration in Mexico is elegant, fresh, jovial, modern, casual”.

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