Calvo and Matkovic accuse Morales of being behind the blockade in San Julián and see struggles within the MAS –

Rómulo Calvo, president of the Civic Committee, and Zvonko Matkovic, president of the Departmental Legislative Assembly, affirmed, separately, that the blockade taking place in the municipality of San Julián was caused by internal struggles within the Movement for Socialism (MAS) and accused Evo Morales of trying to return to “power” through “destabilization.”

The pressure measure, which began at 00:00 this Monday, has the approval of the mayor of San Julián, Willy Calderón, and is being carried out by interculturalists at the end of the MAS. Calderón announced that this lockout is indefinite.

Among the demands are the construction of the Brecha Casarabe-Núcleo 41 sectionin addition to royalties, school breakfast and other works that require the Government.

For Calvo, the pressure measure has a political background and the purpose is “to destabilize the department of Santa Cruz, by mandate of former President Morales. In addition, he assured that there are power struggles within the MAS.

“It is no coincidence that Morales, (Mario) Cronenbold and Adriana Salvatierra are in San Julián and days later they block (the intercultural ones). (…) ANDthey are doing political work by sending for the former president (Morales) so that it generates instability in the Santa Cruz population,” he commented.

Likewise, he questioned the reasons that interculturalists argue for carrying out the indefinite blockade. “They are damaging the production of Santa Cruz, because these people are not blocking the importation of transgenics that generate production, it is work and it is economy for the region”, he added.

For his part, Matkovic indicated that Evo Morales seeks to return to power and for this it is seeking to generate instability in the country with the blockade carried out in San Julián. He added that this measure shows the power struggles within the ruling party.

“Obviously these are internal struggles of the MAS. You have a person who against all odds wants to return to power, he is in a destabilizing effort with the president of Bolivia, he tries to come and show muscles to Santa Cruz; he comes and meets the same people who are always around him,” he noted.

The president of the Departmental Legislative Assembly also said that there is no basis to block the route that connects Trinidad with the capital of Santa Cruz, due to the fact that the financial resources for the school breakfast have already been approved by the same Assembly so that it can be allocated to all the municipalities of Santa Cruz.

“They started with the school breakfast claim, making a problem with Andecruz, since it is something that has already been taken care of. School breakfast has already been approved. All the municipalities of Santa Cruz have already sent their folders to be included in this latest plan that has been approved”, he emphasized.