Cajamag provided breakfast to vulnerable children in Santa Marta

Cajamag, through the Comprehensive Care for Children program, this week launched the Breakfast with Love project that will benefit the vulnerable population in Santa Marta and the municipalities of Magdalena.

The first great experience of this social initiative proposed by the administrative director, Martha García Valencia, was carried out at the Teyuna Recreational Center.

The visibly moved and grateful mothers accepted the invitation from the Magdalena Family Compensation Fund and, accompanied by their children, went to receive the food delivered.

“This community was previously registered in different neighborhoods and included as beneficiaries of the project to periodically receive the food ration,” explained Diana de Armas, representative of the Comprehensive Care for Children program.

After enjoying the food, the attendees participated in recreational and academic activities directed by the Cajamag Library’s reading promoters.

Yasmín Mendoza, one of the beneficiary mothers, said that breakfast is a great help for her family nucleus “In my case, I am a single mother and any help that allows me to give my son a better diet will be very valuable because it will allow me to use the resources that I earned working as a domestic worker in other needs that we have,” she said.

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De Armas explained that Breakfasts with Love is aimed at boys and girls from six months to six years of age who are linked to sisben category 1 and 2.

Initially, the project will be carried out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in Santa Marta and the municipalities of El Banco, Plato, Pivijay, Fundación, Ciénaga and Puebloviejo.

“Subsequently, coverage will be increased according to the reception of this action,” he added.

In those localities where there are no administrative or recreational offices, Cajamag will be delivering breakfasts in communal houses.

It should be noted that each food ration is endorsed by a nutritionist and contains protein, dairy, carbohydrate and fruit.