CABA invests $37 for each student in breakfast, but for its officials it spends $710 a day

First they removed bread from lunches, later they vetoed desserts and replaced them with fruit; At the time they decided to cut dairy products in the infusions, and later they replaced the minced meat in the potato cake with lentils. For several years, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education has been presenting each of these food initiatives as healthy food programs for students. The truth is that a strong adjustment is hidden in school meals.

Since 2018, the Buenos Aires executive has been eliminating several foods from the daily menu of public school students, under the pretext of improving the quality of life of all students. Less than two years after beginning his first term as head of the Buenos Aires government, Rodríguez Larreta implemented the “My Healthy School” program. On that occasion, Minister Soledad Acuña was interviewed by different media where she explained the benefits “of the new school menu ‘Chau paneras’ for all primary and secondary schools in the City, which includes more fruits and vegetables, and less bread and pasta”. The head of government himself argued at the time that: “The school feeding plan is part of the learning process.”

In the last few hours, a report by the NGO Observatory for the Right to the City, led by lawyer Jonatan Baldiviezo, was made known, which highlights the money that the local executive allocates for breakfast for students and the money it spends on its government officials. .

Squeezed orange juice, toasted bran lactal bread, with top-brand spreadable cheese, strawberry or peach jam, a variety of tea flavors, half an apple. “This is how the officials who go to the events and meetings organized by the GCBA Cultural Transformation Secretariat will start the day according to Public Tender No. 2051-0407-LPU22,” the document begins. The amount earmarked for these events is 6.5 million pesos.

This occurs while “more than 240 thousand students start the day with a cooked mate and a cupcake, a vanilla or a third brand cereal bar. For officials, healthy breakfasts of $710; for students, breakfasts of $37”, details the report. This is stipulated in Annex A of the general breakfast of the students for the year 2022.

From the Observatory, they point out that “the City Government intends to continue for four more years with this dining service” for students “and called for a public tender that is armed to win the same 19 companies that profit from the health of our sons and daughters for years. Companies that provide a lousy service and that only this year, are going to take 12 billion pesos”.

Finally, they highlight that in the face of this situation, the educational community has been organizing to “rediscuss and modify the food system in the City’s schools” and that is why in the coming days the “Campaign for quality food and free for all, with the participation of the educational community”