Business keys for a complicated 2022, at CEOE Guadalajara breakfast

Economists Juan Ramón Rallo and Tomás Alfaro have shown a large group of businessmen, freelancers and entrepreneurs the “Keys to turning this complicated 2022 into an opportunity”.

During their interventions, developed in a debate format, they have made reference to current issues such as COVID, the war in Ukraine, the supply crisis or inflation, without forgetting closer aspects such as the current situation of the government, with its instability and continuous transfers to minority partners and how this affects the business sector, ICO credits, Next Generation European funds or business flexibility, have been other topics discussed.

Thus and, taking the previous references as a guide, Tomás Alfaro has referred to the fact that we find ourselves in a historical moment where “everything is in effervescence” when “a series of things that we did not expect” come upon us and where we have realized that “ we are going to live in a world where what should not happen, may happen” being very difficult to return to the scenario of tranquility that existed a few years ago.

Alfaro has also talked about inflation stating that “inflation is unfair, because it benefits those who have borrowed” and how it does not arise overnight, but has been brewing for several years and how now if you want to invest, you can continue doing it but assuming more risks. Recognizing that it is the European Central Bank that should make the decisions to change this situation, but that he considers that it will not do so with “the energy that it should.”

Europe and its global position, the welfare state and the question of whether it can be paid or not, or wages and the cost for companies were other topics dealt with by the economist Tomás Alfaro.

For his part, and while the debate, moderated by Pablo Gimeno, director of Think Tank, economic leaders, Juan Ramón Rallo, economic analyst, spoke of the overheating of the economy, an aspect that is seen by inflation, a sign of a mismatch, despite that production is at record highs.

Faced with inflation, Rallo affirmed the need to control it through an increase in interest rates, adding that “we are going to a scenario of fiscal restrictions and high interest rates, which will lead us to lower growth than we wanted and expected”. affirming that “there is a mismatch that will end up exploding”, although he predicts another year of open bar in terms of indebtedness, reminding those present that “inflation kills governments”, because if inflation gets out of control, the measures to control it, usually be very unpopular

Europe and its years of splendor when it was the economic center of the world, Asia and its perspective of being the economic center of the world and the Chinese economy, which is not at its best, were other topics discussed by the economic analyst who was not forgotten to talk about labor legislation, the most relevant aspects of the labor reform and, given this situation, he recognized that if a company can take on debt, at low interest, go ahead, although without losing sight of the fact that we find ourselves in an environment where it seems that everything “is going to lose value”, so it is important “to be alert to any opportunity and when it comes out, to know how to take advantage of it”, concluded Juan Ramón Rallo.

An economic breakfast organized by CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara, which was inaugurated by its president María Soledad García, who was optimistic, despite the circumstances, that this year could become the year of opportunities and encouraged those present to move forward, continue fighting to continue generating wealth and jobs in the province of Guadalajara.