Burrito Day: Celebrate with some norteño shredded beef burritos

Every April 4th the burrito dayone of the best known and appreciated “tacos” for its simplicity and great flavor. It is said that the origin of the saucer dates back to the time of Mexican Revolutionon the northern border of the Republic, when a food merchant, John Mendezbegan selling it in 1912 in the Bellavista neighborhood of Juarez Cityin the state of chihuahua.

John used to transport foodbut since it could be something complicated, he looked for a way to make it faster and easier, so he took a flour tortilla of good size and filled it with a stew that he rolled up in the tortilla. This food was transported in his burrito and that is how the preparation took the name of the animal. Today there are many burrito recipes and they are all delicious.