Burger Day 2022 Christmas in May returns for Burgerman

Christmas in May? Well yes. May 28 is Burger Day! And for the third year in a row, Christmas is coming early for legions of fans of one of the most popular dishes in the modern, interconnected world.

What a few decades ago began in the United States as the starting signal for the summer season in that country, (linked to the Memorial Day Weekend) it has become, in very recent years, an international celebration.

The hamburger is one of the most loved, consumed and helped dishes on the entire planet, thanks to its ease of integration into the specific culinary culture of each region and country and, also, thanks to its presence in the world. on-line.

In 2020, in the midst of the strictest confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, burgermanthe hero national that has been given to try and review all possible hamburgers both in CDMX, Mexico and abroad – took on the task of making an online event where his favorite dish would be celebrated and, in addition, he could share a moment of distraction and good vibes with everyone who wanted to participate. From there, a continuous 12-hour broadcast was carried out through Instagram, from the account @burgermanmex where there were guests, talks, demonstrations, cooking and a spirit of good vibes in the face of the strange and unprecedented situation that we had to live. Now, in 2022, the celebration of the burger day returns augmented and complements your life on-line with a presence on the street to bring the joy of Christmas in May to the new normality in person.

On Friday, May 27, from 12PM to 10PM Burgermanfrom your Instagram account, you will connect with musicians, actors, chefs, celebrities and, in general, his friends, to celebrate and talk about everything related to the world of hamburgers. Talk about burgers it’s just an excuse to talk about life, be with friends and, of course, eat something delicious.

Added to this celebration are demonstrations of how to cook a booger with allied restaurants and chefs talking about the benefits and wonders of this dish, and connections to other cities in the country and other cities on the planet. Everything, to speak of, by and for hamburgers.

The face-to-face celebration will be on Saturday, May 28 with Burgerman at participating restaurants, special sales and general fun. But in reality, talking about hamburgers is just an excuse to get together, virtually and physically, to talk about everything and nothing. Remember that the pandemic, although hard and difficult, has made us learn and once again appreciate the small details of life.

About Burgerman…

Burgerman is the character created by Marcello Lara (founding guitarist of the group moderateowner of the program “Los Clásicos del Rock en Español” on 88.9FM and executive of the independent label DeGiraMX), to accommodate his fascination, fixation, love and devotion to hamburgers. What began as a personal exercise, he quickly turned professional when he was called to a market study to contribute to the arrival of an international hamburger brand in the country. Hence, a collaboration in the newspaper the front week between 2013 and 2015, solidified the presence of burgermanwithin the editorial world of food.After the closing of said weekly, the column of “Burgerman’s Corner” moved, 2015 to 2019to the newspaper MoreforMore Already chilango.com Again, with a weekly presence. From 2020 the column has made its home in publications like Life & Style, Our country Y Penthouse Mexico