Bulgur, an important food for the health of over 60s

The bulgur it is a food known since ancient times for its innumerable beneficial properties. It is a wholemeal cereal very similar, due to its grainy texture, to couscous. Very rich in fiber and mineral salts, it is particularly recommended for seniors as it is totally cholesterol-free and has a high satiety index.

In the kitchen it lends itself to the preparation of many recipes: from savory dishes (hot or cold) to sweet ones. Ideal for a quick lunch, it can also be served for a summer brunch with friends or for an informal dinner with the family.

Cold bulgur salad

The cold Bulgur salad is undoubtedly the turning point on these hot summer days. It is prepared in no time and can be kept in the fridge, inside an airtight container, for 1/2 days. It’s about a recipe suitable for everyone, perfect for both the lunch break in the office and on the beach. For the vegan version you can replace the Greek feta with seitan or tofu.

Ingredients (for 3/4 people)

  • 250 grams of bulgur
  • 3 tablespoons of black olive pate
  • 500 grams of cherry tomatoes (cherry or other variety)
  • 200 grams of Greek feta
  • a handful of seeds (optional)
  • a few basil leaves
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • salt.


First of all you need to rinse the bulgur and cook it in about 500 ml of salted water for 25/30 minutes. In the meantime we proceed with the preparation of seasoning and, therefore, cutting the feta into cubes, and the cherry tomatoes in half. Season with salt and oil if desired.

When the bulgur is cooked, drain it well and let it cool. To avoid the formation of lumps it will be sufficient to shell it with one fork. Once it has cooled, pour it into a bowl, adding the previously prepared dressing. At this point, you can add the black olive pate, a handful of seeds and a few basil leaves. Stir carefully before serving.

Eggplant stuffed with bulgur

Eggplant stuffed with bulgur is a tasty and tasty alternative to the classic salad. They can be served as single dishperhaps as an accompaniment to a rich salad, or with toasted bread flavored with a sauce of mint, oil, minced garlic and salt.

Ingredients (for 3/4 people)

  • 200 grams of bulgur
  • 200 grams of cherry tomatoes
  • 2 medium eggplants
  • 200 grams of canned tuna
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • a few leaves of mint and basil
  • toasted pine nuts
  • salt and pepper.


We start with the preparation of the bulgur which must first be rinsed and then cooked in abundance salt water for 20/30 minutes (for cooking times you can also follow those shown on the back of the package).

Separately, wash, dry and divide the aubergines in half, leaving the stalk intact. In order for the cooking to be uniform, it is necessary to engrave the pulp squared. So sprinkle the aubergines with oil, salt and pepper. They should be grilled approximately seven minutes per side, until softened.

At this point, we proceed with the construction of the plate. Once the bulgur is cooked, drain it and wait for it to cool. Transfer it to a bowl and add the tuna fish drained, chopped cherry tomatoes, a little eggplant pulp, mint, basil and toasted pine nuts. Season with salt and oil.

Finally, you need to fill the hollow of each eggplant with bulgur and decorate with a few leaves of mint or basil. The advice is to serve it lukewarm.

Bulgur with raisins

One version sweet of bulgur? That’s right. It is a dessert inspired by Greek cuisine that can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. To prepare it you need very few ingredients, some of which can be replaced with others of your liking. The use of parsley is fundamental as it gives a note of freshness to the preparation.

Ingredients (for 1/2 people)

  • A cup of bulgur
  • the juice of an orange
  • a handful of walnuts
  • a handful of raisins
  • 1 glass of cider (or rum)
  • 1 level tablespoon of toasted white sesame
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (optional).


First you need to boil the bulgur in a cup of hot water. When i grains they will be pretty swollen, you have to pour it into a container and sprinkle it with the orange juice: when it has absorbed all the liquid you will proceed with the dressing.

After having shelled the bulgur with a fork, add theraisins – previously soaked in cider – walnuts, toasted sesame, a teaspoon of honey and parsley. At this point, just stir all the ingredients and that’s it. It can be kept in the fridge for no more than a day.