BTS: Who among all your members likes Mexican food the most? find out!

bts is a band of k pop that has broken it as much as possible and today the whole world is waiting for what they do or think, because yes, it is time to admit it: The army is much bigger than the entire fan club of any of your Favorite music groups. Yes, with everything and that they are older. Precisely for this reason that they are already a few decades old and that now you only hear about them, when they decide to do the (add decade number here)’s folk tour.

Yes, one loves nostalgia And we have to accept that a lot of things have changed, including some of our tastes. Perhaps at some point in life we ​​stop hearing about the 90s and the 2000 we vibrated much more. But now, 20 years later, the boy bands are back and no, they’re not the Backstreet Boyseither n’ sync and much less WOW! For at least 5 years BTS has been in the public eye and if existing was not enough for him armysome ago monthsthe band decided to try some Mexican food.