Brownie with marijuana: the delegate explained how that “breakfast” came to the call center

Then give the intoxication and breakdown of a dozen workers of the call center company Konecta Argentina (which works in the San Martín gallery in the Center of Córdoba), more details of what happened are known: the delegate of the workers confirmed that everything was unleashed after a colleague invited a brownie with marijuana.

Patricia Alejandra Barrerathe workers’ representative, told channel 10 what “On Mondays, colleagues normally bring cake for birthdays or simply to share. And, this time she got a new partner who brought this pudding”.

Patricia reported that the worker shared it in the middle of the morning, when they have a “break”, and told them: “I brought a brownie to share.” “Then about seven of them had that brownie and within twenty minutes they started feeling sick.”

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Photo: Andres Ferreyra
Photo: Andres Ferreyra

At that time, the company activated a hygiene and safety protocol, which prompted the arrival of the ambulances that attended to the broken-down patients. “One had a slight breakdown, but the others were very ill and even two had to be hospitalized,” he said, noting that there were dizziness, vomiting and a lot of crying.

“A colleague, who was the most affected by the product, was hospitalized with serum until 11 at night, so that she eliminates the product, because they tested her and told her that she had cannabis,” she explained.

Finally he told, according to the story of the worker who brought that brownie, that he “bought a premix in a cotillion, to which he had to add only butter and two eggs, but what that product contained he never knew.” According to the worker, he never knew it could contain marijuana.

The company statement

In social networks, a communication by the company emerged, in which they recognized that, due to what happened, they had to activate the “company hygiene and safety protocol”, so the ambulances were called.

However, they did not lean towards any hypothesis and confirmed that “they are analyzing the factand in the case of detecting any irregularity, the corresponding complaint will be made to the justice system”.