Breakfasts and gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day

Next Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day is celebrated, although there are some communes that have advanced in phase, the quarantine continues over the weekend.

Still not sure what to give your mom? At Radio Duna we leave you some useful gift ideas, which also help SMEs and the environment. In addition, rich breakfasts to celebrate moms on their day.

Mon Site Barber Shop

Even though we can’t leave our homes, personal care is always good. We invite you to review hair care products offered by the Mon Site hairdresser.

Fass Jewelry

A nice gift for your mom is a ring and what better if you can choose it. At Fass Jewelry you have beautiful silver rings that you can order with the stone that you like the most.


Giving life as a gift is always a nice gesture, even more so if you take care of the planet. Qactus has some beautiful planters that you can buy with or without a plant and they are made from recycled material.


Some delicious handmade soaps are always a good gift and if they are not tested on animals, much better.


Something rich and always good are appetizer sauces. Surprise your mom with the Gurmé sauce that comes with an exquisite goat cheese and ciabatta bread with and without olives to enjoy her day.

Delicious breakfasts to wake up your mom on her day

Another good way to celebrate our moms is with something delicious, a good breakfast that can always be an alternative to celebrate that day.

We leave you alternatives of rich breakfasts to celebrate this day:

Puelo Coffee

Puelo Café is a café with a healthy and conscious cooking style, that is, with organic products, free-range meats and where they compost waste. The same concept that they take to their breakfasts at home.

cinnamon honey

Cinnamon Honey is another good option for home-delivered breakfasts, which come in a box, with a careful presentation and you can put a personalized message on it if you want it as a gift.

Daily Coffee

Café Diario is a specialty cafeteria where you will find a variety of breakfast alternatives at home, either as a gift or as a treat, and all homemade.