Breakfast time for this hare

The images have been published on the page of Barbara Vanzellican Italian hunter, specialized in the bloodhound dog breed and have delighted her more than 67,000 followers. You can not miss this price video.

Hare captive breeding

Hare myxomatosis has seriously endangered Iberian hare populations in Spain. The first cases were detected on the peninsula in 2018. Given the high number of infections and the high mortality rate, the Artemis Foundation started the project mixolepuscoordinated by the IRTA-CReSA Animal Health Research Center in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, labian and many other entities, with the aim of covering the hunting emergency that had occurred in Spain.

This project has been joined by a group of hare and Spanish greyhound hunting enthusiasts, who are managers of more than 100 bounded hunting grounds in Castilla y León, and are also owners of hare farms. In our country there are currently several hunting farms for breeding hares in captivity. These types of facilities could be a boost for the species after the population decline as a result of myxomatosis.

Do you know how to feed a newborn hare?

If, due to the whims of fate, a young lebrato that has lost its mother crosses our path, we must feed it with cat milk colostrumaccording to lebreros experts. Colostrum is the first milk produced by a female after giving birth and is part of the composition of the cat’s milk in this first period. It can be easily purchased in specialized centers or on animal feed pages on the Internet.

first three weeks of life

For at least a period of three weeks, we will feed her only with this product. After this period of time we will include hay or young shoots in their diet. We will maintain milk intake until the seventh week of life.

Once the hare has been raised, we will return the specimen to its natural environment in an area where it can easily find water and food.

Hares also feed on carrion

Hares in the wild feed on grasses, herbs, roots, tree bark, fruit, branches or, in extreme cases, carrion. This fact has been demonstrated thanks to the cameras of National Geographic placed in the Yukon area, on the border between Canada and Alaska. The devices recorded several snowshoe hares feeding on the remains of a lynx in 2019.

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