Breakfast time for this big boar

The knowledge of the customs of the wild fauna of the naturalist Pedro Arroyo will allow you to enjoy on his YouTube channel “Pedro Arroyo photography and Nature“of images of an extraordinary quality of the daily life of wild boars. Fights between large males, pigs marking the territory in mating season or javelins with their offspring have been immortalized by the cameras of this amateur photographer.

The wild boar chatters its large tusks when it detects the presence of the photographer

The regular collaborator of Club de CazaPedro Arroyo, recorded at the beginning of May and in broad daylight, a boar armed with long and sharp knives raised the earth with its snout to look for food. The images have been recorded in the municipality of Maruganlocated in the region of the Segovian countryside.

Pedro Arroyo has immortalized on camera the moment in which a huge wild boar digs a deep hole in the ground in a few seconds.

Despite the distance that separates the photographer from the animal, something makes him suspicious. The bristling hairs on its back and the click of its fangs They are an unequivocal sample of it. The pig, chattering his knives, warns the photographer that he must keep his distance and not approach him.

Scientists maintain that wild boars are capable of using tools

A wild boar from the Visayas, a species of artiodactyl mammal of the Suidae family native to the Philippines in serious danger of extinction, has been seen in a Parisian zoo using a tree bark to raise the earth, supposedly to build its bed.

The suido used a bark that it took in its mouth as a tool to excavate and create a bedding. To date, a similar event in which a pig used a tool to achieve a specific purpose had not been documented.

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This is how the great wild boars spend their time feeding

Two male boars armed with sharp knives face each other when they coincide in the same territory. The largest specimen does not hesitate to attack its opponent to expel it from the area. In one of his thrusts he manages to lift his opponent off the ground. The boar’s attacks do not end until he makes the other male flee the place.

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A large wild boar permeates its scent on the ground

A large pig marks the territory with its urine during the mating season.

Urine becomes his way of signaling the area he wants to dominate when he is not around to face his contenders.

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wild pig