Breakfast should be the first great experience of the day

At seven in the morning there is already steaming coffee in the pots, freshly baked sweet bread and fresh fruit from the region.

It is the time that the breakfast service begins at the Mousai hotel. Patricia Meza AlvarezRestaurant captain, she supervises that everything is in order to receive the first diners.

With 20 years of experience in tourismPatricia is in charge of ensuring that guests have the best experience at breakfast time, there are two restaurants you can choose.

“My work team is made up of the chef, 15 waiters, and the kitchen staff, who arrive at 5 in the morning so that everything is ready on time at 7.”

Breakfast hours are from 7 to 12 and they serve 150 people approximately; in it Hiroshi Restaurant can receive up to 80 guests, and the landsmaller but with a view of the mountain, it is for 25 people.

In addition to the traditional eggs to taste, cereal, hot cakes or French bread there are specialties such as the egg and meat burrito and the croissant with egg and salmon.

Patricia likes to meet people from other places, interact with guests, inform them of the history and attractions of the city, andSo it helps them return to Puerto Vallarta -and on many occasions to the same hotel-.

“Some foreign guests ask about security, I give them correct information to transmit security, so they feel confident in their stay. While nationals highly value good treatment, feeling well received at the hotel”.

She thinks that it is very important that people like your work so that you do it with passion, that it does not become a routine and that it carries the flavor of good vibes.

Regarding food restrictions, he comments that from the reservations, some people may report the products they do not consumeto which they must be very attentive.