Breakfast on the go rises in prices after the cost of supplies

Breakfast vendors are dismayed and desperate at the increase in products they use to make the first meals of the day.

Likewise, these merchants offer papaya juice, strawberry, quinoa, maca, oatmeal, among others, at two soles a glass, while bread with sausage, egg or tuna range between 1.20 to 1.50. and the juices in the same way.

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With the rise in prices, the merchants commented that they do not have many clients, even others do not pay as they should.

In dialogue with Successful Chimbote, a saleswoman from the Dos de Junio ​​supply center, Ariana Caldas Coico, said that she increased the prices of her business even though she knew that the clientele would drop, although in the same way, her income is hurting her too much, So much so that you are thinking of closing your business.

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“I think that breakfast prices will rise more, since not only food supplies have risen, but also gas, which ranges between 60 to 65 soles,” he said.

In other popular markets; like “El Progreso”, “Dos de Mayo” and “Los Olivos” suffer the same situation.


The prices of basic necessities have increased in recent days. These are sugar, eggs, noodles, and cleaning supplies.

The price of a 50 kilo bag of brown sugar ranges between 150 to 180 nuevos soles, while the egg cell is between 14 to 15 soles and the pea has risen from 5 to 10 soles per kilo.

Likewise, flour and noodles have risen 7% and an increase to 5% has been announced for oil and freight.