Breakfast is 50% more expensive than three months ago

The mask. Of the three meals of the day, breakfast is the one that increased its cost the most in the last quarter.

One of the most delicate aspects of the high inflation recorded in 2022 is the sustained increase in food prices, even above average.

A private study, carried out by the consultancy specialized in consumption Focus Market, studied the evolution of prices during the last three months in articles related to the three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The survey is based on data from 670 points of sale located throughout the country, using a scantech code reader. For the conformation of the witness baskets, Products that could be purchased for the sum of $1,000 in December of last year were chosen, and the evolution of their prices was compared to the month of March.

The Focus Market report shows that breakfast-related items saw an average increase of 50% in just three months.

In the calculation, the strong jump in the prices of dairy products stands out. Indeed, the price of cream cheese increased by 78% in that period, while that of whole milk did 48%. Coffee, for its part, increased by 47%, while jam did so by 39% and sliced ​​bread by 25%.
Thus, the basket for an average breakfast that until December registered a cost of $937, in March required an outlay of $1,410.

“The loss of purchasing power of the Argentines in the first quarter of the year is being very strong and greater intensity in Food. With a $1,000 bill, you buy fewer and fewer units. Perhaps with this ticket only 3 months ago I bought 4 or 5 units and today it is not even enough for 2 or 3 units of the same brand and presentation” indicated Damián Di Pace, director of the Focus Market Consultant.

The purchasing power of a $1,000 bill fell sharply last quarter. Food inflation is one of the most sensitive problems.

In the baskets referring to lunch and dinner, on the other hand, the increases are significantly lower.
For lunch, the average increase in the last three months amounts to 27%.
In this set of products, the most noticeable increase is that of eggs (88%), while rice rose 30%, flavored water 28%, mayonnaise 26% and battered chicken 18%.
Thus, the lunch basket that in December had a cost of $970, was paid in March $1,233.

As for dinner, the set of control products had an increase of 25% in the last three months. The most notable increase was that of filetto sauce (32%), while noodles rose 29%, grated cheese 28%, malbec wine 27% and cola 14%.
With this configuration, the dinner basket that was paid $999 in December 2021 was obtained in March for $1,250.

The average increase in breakfast-related items. The dairy item is the one that registers the highest increases.

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