Breakfast: Alternatives and prices for all pockets of Santiago | New Web Diary

In a new survey of Nuevo Diario, a tour of the different coffee shops in the Capital City was carried out in search of prices, alternatives and options when choosing a place to enjoy a pleasant moment in the morning.
The managers and employees were talking with the Multimedia about what each gastronomic place offers.
“We have several types of breakfasts, but the most popular is the classic, which consists of a medium-sized coffee and two croissants or tortillas, depending on the customer’s preference. It has a value of $380. We also have different sizes of coffees such as cups, mugs and jugs, with a price of $210, $240 and $290, respectively”, said the manager of a confectionery, highlighting that in turn, they have Other alternatives on the menu include frappé, which are cold fruit drinks, which have a price that varies from $400 to $500. “We also have a traditional option, with toast, jam, cream cheese and a glass of juice. It costs $800.”
Also, in many businesses they have the alternative of a coffee “on the go” aimed at people who go to their work premises and are looking for a quick and cheap option. Depending on their size and variety, prices are between $200 and $400.
In other places, they offer promotions such as a cup of coffee “latte” and a slice of cake at a cost of $700 or a sandwich at $1,000.
“In our confectionery, we have, in addition to the classic, which is a coffee with croissants at $450, various accessories such as avocado and egg toast together with an infusion at $960, a healthy menu with yogurt, cereals and juice at $880 and protein that includes fruit salad, yogurt and toast with jam and cheese at $ 1,200 “said the manager of a local in the downtown area of ​​the city.
Also, he noted that the place has personalized breakfast boxes for sale with a cup and different accessories that the customer wants to add. “The price varies according to the content, it starts from $2,100 to $3,400” detailing that it is the most requested option for special dates such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and to celebrate some important occasion.
“Many people, in addition to breakfast, order cold drinks like lemonade (in a glass or pitcher) at $320 on hot days.”
“On weekdays we also have lunches such as salads, variety cakes and menus for celiacs, vegetarians and vegans”.