Bordeaux: passionate about cake design, she bakes personalized cakes for strangers

Clémence is passionate about cake design and makes the people of Bordeaux enjoy it. (© News Bordeaux)

The week, Clemency works in collective catering Bordeaux (Gironde). On weekends, she devotes herself to her passion: cake design.

And for the past two years, his passion has gone far beyond the door of his kitchen. The 39-year-old mother is receiving more and more orders from personalized cakes on his Facebook page Clem’s Delightsto which she generally responds favorably.

The number cake, the fashionable cake

“I only refuse if the cake seems too difficult to make or if I don’t have the appropriate equipment,” she explains. At the beginning, I was asked for fairly simple creations so it was fine, then by dint of taking up more complicated challenges, I ended up perfecting myself by documenting myself and learning new techniques. »

Mickey or Minnie, Dragon Ball Z, Paw Patrol, Pokémon… For children’s birthdays, cartoon or manga characters are popular.

“For adults, it remains sober. It’s classier, more chic. Currently the heart cake (cake in the shape of a heart) or the number cake (cake in the shape of a number) are in fashion. »

“I was ordered a cake in the shape of a penis”

Sometimes, Clémence nevertheless receives requests that are a little more original, even… unexpected:

Recently, a group of girls wanted to surprise their friend and ordered me a cake in the shape of a penis. (laughs) Well, it didn’t happen because of the confinement.


Price level, the pastry chef asks “just to [s]and to reimburse the costs incurred”. “I’m not doing this for the financial aspect, assures the holder of a Bac pro secretariat, who has multiplied odd jobs in different sectors. I just want to have fun and make people happy. »

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The click in 2016

For a cake, it is necessary to plan from 25 euros minimum to more than double according to the order. “If I need to buy equipment, I specify it beforehand. I don’t charge the customer if I think the material can be used for other cakes, but that’s not always the case… The penis mold for example, for the sex-shaped cake, I don’t think so. refill it every day,” she bursts out laughing.

It all started in 2016, says Clémence. “I had a friend who was celebrating her birthday and we wanted to organize a surprise for her. We distributed the tasks and the cake fell on me. I didn’t want to make it simple and I made my first cake design. It was covered in sugar paste, with a quilted side, sugar seeds around the edge, and sugar paste flowers. »

From then on, the 30-year-old got into the game. On the OVS site, which connects strangers for outings or activities, she begins to offer themed meals and takes care of the desserts. Each time, the guests are won over.

Open my shop? “It would be a dream”

“With word of mouth, I found myself overwhelmed, reports Clémence. My friends sent me lots of people. In traditional pastry, there are very few designer cakes. Cake design requires a lot of time – I sometimes accumulate 5 to 6 hours on a cake – so it’s not very profitable. As a result, the demand is strong compared to the supply. »

After giving birth in 2017, the Bordelaise spent a lot of time documenting herself for training. She even accepted orders during the week, as she was a stay-at-home mother. At the beginning of 2021, she accepted a job in collective catering and no longer has time outside the weekend.

Why didn’t you set up your pastry given the demand? “At one point, with a friend, we were ready to buy premises and get started, but it’s a big financial investment. I got scared! May be later ? It would be a dream. If I win the lottery, I will, ”replies Clémence.

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