Bodega Piedra Negra, breakfast host of Reinas

This Friday morning, as has been done in other departments, CTNET, fiber optic internet, provided a breakfast to the queens of the grape harvest and Tunuyn tune, together with the municipality and, as hosts, Bodega Piedra Negra.

Solidarity Action of CTNET together with the sovereigns of Vendimia and Tonada

“I am very happy to receive the CTNET company and contribute our grain of sand in this solidarity action that, thanks to it, the Queens of Tunuyn will be able to carry out such an important action for the good of the people of the department,” he stressed. Fernando Rovello, Manager of Piedra Negra.

Yema added that “It is the gift we give ourselves every day when we come to work. Piedra Negra, pioneers of Los Chacayes, a fairly new area, see this today, what was a desert 20 years ago, today a wine paradise where in addition to making delicious wines, we receive a large number of tourists, both national and international with tastings, blemish workshops, accompanied by a great history of our company”

some history

After a long search in various regions of Argentina, the French winemaker Franois Lurton decides to plant his vineyards in highlands (1,100 m) and semi-desert (poor alluvial gravel reminiscent of Pessac-Lognan), in the plains at the foot of of the Andes mountain range: the Uco Valley.

Becoming a pioneer in the area, he built his winery, Bodega Piedra Negra, on 200 hectares of virgin land acquired in what a few years later would become the prestigious Los Chacayes Geographical Indication. Thanks to the experience he gained from him in his cellars in the rest of the world, he immediately puts into practice an environmentally friendly viticulture and produces extraordinary wines in this place.