Blockade of parents sues the Mayor of La Paz for infrastructure and biosecurity | ANF

They demand school maintenance and observe the school breakfast expiration date.

La Paz, March 30, 2022 (ANF). – Parents of 38 educational units in the macro district of Cotahuma, in the municipality of La Paz, block streets near the city center claiming the Mayor’s Office for lack of infrastructure, maintenance of environments and services; in addition to biosafety supplies and school breakfast, whose expiration date is noted.

“We ask for infrastructure, maintenance, furniture, biosecurity measures, we also claim regarding school breakfast, they send us with expired dates, small portions; Please, Mr. Mayor (Iván Arias), we are not in the mood to bother you, we are demanding what is fair”, affirmed the president of parents of the Simón Bolívar School, Cristina Calle.

Dozens of people were stationed at the intersection of October 20th and Landaeta streets where they blocked the way to vehicles; two blocks further up another blockade point was also established.

The leader complained about the inaction of the municipal authorities since they routinely visit the schools, but do not carry out the work plan they promised.

“Now, last year’s budget, what is done? Is it fair that such a large unit has these shortcomings? Mr. Mayor, we need our children to go to study in a comfortable place,” said the parent representative.

The Mayor’s Office of La Paz distributes from March 7 the Complementary School Food to the educational units of the municipality and, for the provision, contracted three mixed companies for a value of 37.9 million Bolivians.