Birria tacos. What are the benefits of eating this dish

One of the most representative dishes of Mexican gastronomy are the birria tacoswhich, according to the experts of this culinary art, is defined as barbecue of lamb, pork or beef seasoned with chilies and spices, accompanied by tortillas, vegetables, rice and beans, which provide some benefits that you probably did not know.

Birria tacos are a representative dish of the state of Jalisco, which over the years and during 2021, different popular recipes such as quesabirrias have been created.

Within the Mexican culture, birria and birria tacos are enjoyed at holiday events or in Mexican restaurants that have gained fame for their seasoning.

In accordance with the graduate in Nutrition, Berenice Sánchez Caballero, birria tacos have a significant nutritional value in the diet of Mexicanssince several of its ingredients are part of the plate of good eating, in addition to the fact that the preparation of the meat does not require fat.

Nevertheless, nutrition experts have recommended and highlighted the importance of eating green foodsconsume natural water, fruits and vegetables and keep the birria tacos in a moderate consumption, since otherwise, the excess causes stomach disorders.

What are the benefits of eating birria tacos?

In accordance with the University of the Americas of Puebla in 2013, a study was carried out that shows the nutritional properties of the tacofinding essential ingredients for its preparation that brings some health benefits.

One of the main ingredients that accompany the birria tacos is onion, this vegetable contains vitamin C, E and B, fiber and amino acids that help the skin and increase defenses, according to nutrition experts.

Coriander is another element that provides vitamin A and C if consumed in large quantities, it is recommended to use this ingredient to accompany the birria tacos.

On the other hand, a taco cannot be ready without a touch of lemon juice, which contains vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and care for the skin.


Photo: Birria (File)

The corn tortilla is an important element in the birria tacosIn addition to being an ingredient that promotes satiety, it also contains fiber and calcium, helping to maintain strong bones.

And last but not least, meat, whether it is goat, lamb, chicken, beef or pork, provides protein to our system.

However, health experts recommend moderating meat consumption red, since its process in the digestive system can take up to 48 hours, so it is recommended to consume this type of meat once or twice a week maximum.