Birria de res, pozole and 8 other Mexican food recipes with meat

Cochinita pibil is a representative dish of Yucatecan cuisine.

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The diversity of Mexican food includes a variety of dishes that are prepared with meat. Some of them with pre-Hispanic origin such as pozole, others are the result of miscegenation such as cochinita pibil and chiles en nogada.

We share 10 recipes of popular Mexican food dishes where we include the beef birria, the tacos al pastor and pork rinds in sauce.

1. Beef birria

Birria De Res
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The birria is one of the most representative dishes of the state of Jalisco. It is a type of barbecue seasoned with a sauce made from a mixture of chili peppers and plenty of spices. which is traditionally prepared with lamb or goat meat, although it can also be prepared with pork, mutton, veal, fish and chicken.

2. Red Pozole

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Pozole is the most popular dish at Mexican parties. It is a soup of pre-Hispanic origin that is prepared with corn grains called cacahuazintle and is commonly made with pork, although it can also be prepared with chicken and other meats. There is green, white and red pozole, the latter being the most popular.

3. Pot mole

pot mole
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The mole de pot is a beef broth with different chilies and vegetables which is usually served as a main dish. It is usually made with bone-in beef, such as chambarete, but can also be made with pork or chicken. The most common vegetables are green beans, corn, chayote, pumpkin and potato.

4. Marinated flank steak

will rip
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The flank steak is a dish that emerged in Monterrey and has its origin in the Texan fajitas. Flank steak is a cut taken from the beef diaphragm, a fibrous tissue with enough fat that has great flavor and a smooth texture.

5. Pork carnitas

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Carnitas are a popular Mexican dish originating from Michoacán. Carnitas consist of pieces of pork fried in lard that They are characterized by their great flavor and smoothness.

6. Cochinita pibil

Cochinita pibil
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The cochinita pibil a dish of Yucatecan cuisine. It is prepared with shredded suckling pig or pork. The meat is seasoned with achiote, sour orange and spices; and in a traditional way, it is cooked wrapped in banana leaves. “Pib” or “Pibil” refers to a cooking method used by the Mayans to prepare their foodmeans “buried” or “cooked under the ground”.

7. Mexican hash

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Picadillo is a popular homemade recipe that in Mexico is usually prepared with pork or beef.. The ingredients to add vary, onion, garlic, tomato, parsley, raisins, almonds and olives are usually added. In some regions it is also common to prepare it with vegetables such as potatoes, peas and carrots.

8. Tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor
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Tacos al pastor are one of the most popular tacos in Mexican street food. They are prepared with pork meat seasoned with a sauce of spices and dried chilies It is served in a soft corn tortilla with grilled pineapple slices, cilantro, onion and salsa. It is also called “garden” onion.

9. Chiles en nogada

Chile in Nogada
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Chiles en nogada are considered to be the first gastronomic tribute to Mexico’s Independence. It is said that they were created by the nuns of the convent of Santa Mónica, in Puebla. It has the three colors of the flag: green, with the chile poblano; white, with nogada; red, with pomegranate.

The filling is prepared with minced beef and pork. It has raisins, pine nuts, fresh fruits, fruits, chopped dried fruits, olives, capers and spices.

10. Chicharrón in green sauce

Pork Rind in Green Sauce
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Chicharrón en salsa is a popular stew in Mexican cuisine that is usually accompanied with rice and beans. It is prepared in green or red sauce. Chicharrón en salsa verde is prepared in a cooked sauce of green chiles and tomato.

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