better salad or sandwich?

If you usually have lunch in the office every day you will have to think about what to bring or take at the bar: but is the salad or sandwich better? Let’s find out.

We finally decided to put us on a dietbut the fact of having to every day have lunch outside the homemaybe in the office, it certainly doesn’t make things easier for us. One thing is certain, we must avoid always consuming the same things or maybe rely on quick snacks.

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The choice of is also wrong stuff yourself with fatty foods and rich in sauces or sandwiches full of cold cuts, meats and cheeses. As well as salads they should never be super loaded and stuffed with everything.

So let’s find out what is best to eat in the lunch break outside between a salad and a sandwich. Let’s see the right choices to make, in order to keep fit and not ruin the efforts made with the diet.

Salad or sandwich: what to eat for lunch in the office

Many are forced, for reasons of force majeure, to have to consume the lunchtime meal away from home. Often the quickest solution is to bring something from home and eat quickly and out on the office desk.

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Then, there are also those who take it more comfortable and prefer to go to the bar or restaurant. But in this case it is important to do wise choices if we are on a dietotherwise we risk frustrating everything.

However, the fundamental question remains: better a salad or a sandwich? It all depends on how they are prepared. Both can be two good meals, if done in a certain way, or just as bad for the figure if seasoned in the wrong way.

For sure both solutions are practicalto prepare in advance and bring them from home ready. If we don’t have much time, we can prepare these two types of food very quickly and practically.

But which is the most suitable if we follow a low-calorie diet? In the common imagination, the sandwich is often seen as a practical but at the same time more caloric solution. Not only that, the fact that it is composed of carbohydrates makes it a little light meal.

While the vegetable-based salad is viewed more favorably towards the scales. However, it all depends on how both are prepared. For example already the choice of type of bread can make a difference in terms of line. Here you can find valid ones ideas for making sandwiches dietary.

Let’s think instead ofsalad, if we dress it with cheese, corn and a good quantity of olive oil, the calories go up. Everything then lies in the choice we make on the filling and condiments.

We see strengths and weaknesses of the sandwich. Why choose it and why avoid it.

The first thing to consider is the choice of bread. In fact, the sandwich risks being a considerable source of carbohydrates. Better then to opt for a type of whole grain bread. How to stuff it? To make up for the bread we will have to put ourselves in it low-calorie foods such as grilled vegetables, lean cured meats such as bresaola, and a few salad leaves.

We then alternate the various foods. This means that we will not have to eat the sandwich with bresaola and rocket every day, but alternate it with eggs, for example, or we can prepare a hummus of legumes. To season we can also add a yogurt sauce. But let’s avoid the ready-made sandwich from the bar which, however good it may be, does not help us with the shape.

And now let’s see theresalad, considered a light dish par excellence. For sure here the amount of carbohydrates is much lower, moreover, it is rich in fiberwhich stimulate the intestinal system and give a sense of satiety.

What are the drawbacks? The first may be to feel hungry after a few hours after finishing the meal. This can lead us to make mistakes such as relying on fatty and unhealthy snacks to quench the sense of hunger.

Not only that, many overly enrich the salad making it a dish that is anything but light. To obtain a balanced meal we can add some croutons, a hard-boiled egg, or add some vegetable proteins such as tofu, seitan or directly the classics legumes, such as chickpeas or beans. Instead, it is better to avoid cured meats or aged cheeses. At most we can add a piece of first salt in small pieces or other low-fat cheese.

As you can easily understand, then, for the lunch break in the office we can consume both the salad and the sandwich, as long as we know how to prepare them correctly.