Best side dishes for grilled fish and meat

If you have already learned all about how to make the perfect barbecueyou just have to move the focus on Side Dishes. Often underestimated, side dishes for grilling are important to enhance the flavor of the main dish and are often indispensable for contrasting flavors and textures. Between side dishes for grilled meat there are certainly potatoes, followed by grilled vegetables, but also fresh salads with at least one crunchy component. I would choose vegetable side dishes for grilled meat it is the best solution to lighten and “degrease” such a substantial dish. THE side dishes for grilled fish they must be delicate, perhaps seasoned with oil and lemon, but certainly crunchy and fresh. THE cold side dishes for grilling they will give your meal the necessary contrast to best enhance this type of cooking. If you love shellfish and are looking for a garnish for grilled prawnsyou can prepare a green salad of tomatoes and lettuce with a dressing of yogurt, oil, lemon juice and toasted sesame. Here are some ideas that will serve as inspiration to prepare fabulous side dishes for your summer barbecues!

Side dishes for grilled meat

Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes

Crunchy and soft at the same time, Hasselback potatoes are of Swedish origin and will be a perfect side dish for your grilled meat. Preparing them is much simpler than you might think, you can find them here the recipe explained step by step.

Baked potatoes with asparagus, cheese and bacon

Are you thinking of grilling succulent slices of bacon as well? Take one and cut it into strips and add it to these delicious potatoes perfect as a side dish for grilling. A delicious and original side dish that can also become a single dish. Here the recipe.

Salad of quail eggs and sprouts

salad with sprouts and quail eggs

Sophisticated and suitable for grilled meat, this salad has all the Nordic flavors of beet sprouts and horseradish. To top it all, quail eggs which once boiled will also give an elegant look to your salad. Here’s how to prepare it!

Green bean salad with onion and rosemary

Green bean salad with onion and rosemary

The sweetness and natural spiciness of the onion, combined with the summer aroma of rosemary, make this salad a perfect side dish for grilled meat. A summery and tasty flavor that you will get in just a few steps. Here the recipe.

Artichokes Fried In Batter

Artichokes Fried In Batter

This is a very easy side dish that goes very well with the smoky scent of grilled meat. The sweet and slightly bitter taste of artichokes is perfect to accompany grilled white meats. Here all preparation tricks.

Sicilian aubergine caponata

Sicilian aubergine caponata

For those who love strong flavors and traditional side dishes, the aubergine caponata is the right side dish. Rich in Mediterranean flavors and aromas, this side dish is perfect even if eaten the next day, so you can move ahead and on the day of the barbecue all you have to do is turn on the barbecue. Find out how to prepare it!

Side dishes for grilled fish

Zucchini alla scapece

For the grilled fish, let’s start immediately with a traditional side dish of the Neapolitan gastronomic culture. Zucchini alla scapece are very delicate and perfect to accompany grilled fish. Here is the recipe.

Cherry Tomato Confit

Confit tomatoes, the easy recipe

Sweet with a touch of acidity, confit tomatoes are the ideal side dish for grilled fish. Try them also mashed on bread for delicious accompanying bruschetta. Here the recipe.

Fennel and orange salad

Fennel and orange salad: the original

This salad is a great classic of Mediterranean cuisine in which textures and flavors are in a continuous pleasant contrast. Perfect for fish, the fennel and orange salad will best enhance the taste of grilled cuttlefish and squid. Here are all the preparation step.

Belgian endive, mandarin and walnut kernels salad

Belgian endive and tangerine salad with walnut kernels

Strong flavor and important textures are the main characteristics of this salad, ideal as a side dish for grilled fish. Perfect to accompany grilled prawns and prawns. Here the recipe.

Vegetarian side dishes

Salad with green asparagus, sesame and mint

Salad with Green Asparagus, Sesame and Mint

A very special salad made with asparagus, mint, sesame and vinaigrette. A delicious side dish or a light appetizer to bring to the table. Here is the recipe.

Avocado salad with rocket and tofu skewers

A light and vegan side dish full of fresh flavors: the avocado salad with tofu and lime dressing is excellent to accompany vegetarian grills. Here’s how to do it.

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