Bermejo and Ilardo ratified the unity of the Frente de Todos in Mendoza with a photo of a breakfast

“Every so often we meet with Lucas. We reviewed what happened in the Nation; an analysis of the country’s situation, always taking care of Mendoza. That is, seeing how what happens at the national level affects the province,” he said. russet before the consultation of UNO.

Beyond the personal dimension, russet He did not deny the political content of the meeting. “Always within the framework of unity and coexistence, the idea is to strengthen ourselves as a party responsibly fulfilling the role of opposition that touches us here. We are provincial and national legislators, militants and mayors trying to preserve the unity of Peronism“.

interpret a photo

By the middle of March, and with the authorization to agree with the International Monetary Fund already approved in Congress, the administration of Alberto Fernandez seemed to have achieved one of its goals. However, the publication of two conflicting documents heated up the spirits in the FDT.

On the one hand, a group of referents spread “The unity of the popular field in difficult times”an analysis in clear defense of the President who somehow admitted the presence of moderate expressions within the force.

The writing is a request so that there is no rupture:

“(The present context) could end in a process of high fragmentation. Where that happens -and this is our main concern- there will be an expeditious path for the return of neoliberalism, surely in an accentuated version and with greater destructive power, beyond the forms that candidacies assume conjuncturally. At a time of high fatigue and social exhaustion due to deep crises, transformative politics needs to prevent these debates from appearing disconnected from that malaise.”

Meanwhile, a wing more linked to Cristina Fernandez presented the text entitled “Moderation or People”which contained an answer:

“Do we want unity? Of course we do. Unity as a strategic concept. For it to be possible, it is necessary to give it meaning; let what has been and continues to be outside of it appear: the policies that gave rise to it; the historical memory that enables it”.

The criticism was aimed at the direction of the national government, targeting the orientation of its policies and its relationship with the popular classes. In that band, the “moderate” Peronists were identified as a right-wing vector, compared to La Cámpora and other organizations that would be placed on the left. In between, jerks.

Such an exchange made many predict a break in the government, fact that until now has not been verified.

More images of unity in the Front of All

The portrait of both mendocinos, in addition, is woven with other unity gestures. As if the need to “lower a change” had happened to the overheating of the discussions.

anabel fernandez sagasti santiago cafiero.jpg

Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Santiago Cafiero in a photo that unequivocally points to showing unity.

On Wednesday, the chancellor santiago cafiero -linked to the environment of President Fernández- published an image with the national senator Anabel Fernandez SagastiClose to Christina.

“I met with Senator Fernandez SagastiPresident of the Senate Agreements Committee and member of the parliamentary friendship group with Chile. We discussed the need to strengthen the bi-oceanic corridors and the positive signs of harmony within Mercosur, “said Cafiero on his Twitter profile. But everyone understood the subtext: unity continues, despite the differences.

It was just before Memorial Day, a date that many conjectured Cristina would use to send a new letter and shake Alberto’s ground. The truth is that it didn’t happen Nation tries to organize the coming months, with the 2023 elections on the horizon and having momentarily cleared the clouds that brought debt maturities.