Bellopuerto, a ceviche paradise in CDMX

Chef Paco Martínez undertook the adventure, some years ago, to reinterpret ceviche with Mexican ingredients. Yes, that emblematic dish of Peruvian gastronomy that, in the restaurant Belloport, transports with each bite to a piece of the Mexican coast. She knows his proposal here and points out his unmissable dishes. Text: Arcelia Lortia / Photos: Courtesy.

good mexican ceviches

In Bellopuerto ceviches were designed to captivate and surprisethe chef tells us Paco Martinezwho, through a seafood cuisine with disruptive flavors, carries that implicit mission in each of his dishes.

Here, ceviche is made with dorado fish from the Mexican Pacific or tuna from Ensenada, Colima salt, Baja California chiles either Guanajuato, Tamaulipas onion either Chihuahua, avocado from Michoacan Y Vera Cruz lemon. All prepared according to some “basic tricks”, says chef Paco Martínez, among which are:

  • The choice of fishas it must be of a species with a high fat content to achieve a smooth texture.
  • The tanning time It should not exceed 45 minutes, since the fish becomes stuck, that is, it becomes hard and rigid, losing the smooth texture that should characterize ceviche.
  • The lemon it must have seed and must be squeezed at the moment.

Taking these pillars into account, the chef has prepared an interesting menu, from which some favorites emerge. We tell you what they are.

the safety pins

Without a doubt, the star of the ceviches is the Belloport, made with dorado fish, purple onion, green tomato, dip avocado, olive oil, salt from Colima, homemade tiger milk, lemon juice, California chili, beets candy and hints of arugula.

Perhaps the most innovative and Mexican proposal is the grilled ceviche, prepared with dorado fish, a roasted sauce based on tomatoes, onions, garlic and serrano chili. In this dish, chef Paco Martínez swapped lemon juice for orange juicewhich although it gives it the citrus touch that characterizes the ceviche, it provides different notes and triggers the smokiness of the sauce. It is the perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and itching.

ceviche toast

For tuna lovers, the option is the asian ceviche. employing serrano chili slices, avocado and soy saucereinterprets this dish that fuses three great cuisines: Peruvian, Asian and Mexican.

But since Bellopuerto is an evolution of cuisine, these three ceviches can be interpreted again. Thus, they can become vegan alternatives in which mushrooms, hearts of palm Y jicamas They replace fish and tuna.

More than just ceviche

Another of Bellopuerto’s signature dishes is the seared octopus prepared with a base of achiote and macha sauce. In addition, it is also delicious habanero tuna toast, accompanied with habanero mayonnaise and tortilla ash.

Finally, to close with a sweet clasp, there is the Cranberry flan which, says the chef, takes diners back to passages of his childhood after the first bite.

the pairing

Interior of Belloport

Ceviche is a very noble dish that can be paired with different drinksamong them the wine. A fresh and quite interesting option is the sauvignon-blanc of the potosina winery Moon Well, that with its touch of jalapeño and its citrus aromas causes an explosion of flavors.

If you want to enjoy innovative seafood cuisine in a tropical atmosphere, visit this restaurant and delight yourself with a taste of the most emblematic flavors of Mexican ports. Where: Jules Verne 89, Polanco. Average check: $550 pesos., IG: @bellopuertomx

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