Bavarian crepe? Learn about the history of this German dessert and enjoy it with this recipe

bavarian pancakes or also known as bavarian pancakesare a type of dessert extremely fine, which is often mistaken as a pancake. They are extremely popular in Central Europe and Orientalbeing recognized in Bavaria, Germany under the name of palatschinke. It is usually made from wheat or buckwheat flour, it is usually filled with different elements. When offered, it is usually covered by a glazed, fruit, chocolate OR whipped cream.

They are usually consumed as dessertbut there are also people who usually enjoy them for breakfast or also for brunch, or a special occasion at an important dinner for everyone. Now, surely you are wondering; “But isn’t it the same as a crepe? and the answer is: No, it’s not the same. These two desserts are completely different, the crash in French It is made with a much more delicate type of dough and the bavarian pancake it is usually much firmer.