Barrio de la Luz: The tradition to make clay pots that enhance the cuisine of Puebla

Mexico is a country full of enigmas, chiaroscuro and contrasts that provokes a lot of curiosity in many foreigners and sometimes few Mexicans. Why? Because despite the advances technological, social Y cheapthere is traditions that are preserved and that have clung to the time and space of mexicans, becoming part of the identity of a particular town, because in less philosophical terms we are what we do, what we learn and what we eat.

Possibly because our being is nourished by our environment and context. If you have cooked in a Teflon or aluminum pan your whole life, it is unlikely that even you conceive the fact of cooking in clay, because the conditions and way of treating from the ingredients to the materials, changes whether we like it or not. But if your curiosity to get to know Mexican cuisine in depth takes you further, it is possible that you have already run to the nearest market to buy your clay utensils, such as pans, casseroles either little jars.