Barracuda MX celebrates its first anniversary with a luxury signing

  • Barracuda MX, one of the trendy restaurants in Madrid
  • How to make a Michelin star guacamole, by Roberto Ruiz

    Lovers of Mexican cuisine are rubbing their hands together. Because for five days, Madrid will sublimate this gastronomy like nowhere else. And it turns out that Roberto Ruiz, chef at Barracuda MX (one of the best -if not the best- Mexican restaurants in Madrid) is going to celebrate the first anniversary of his place by cooking with four hands together with Diego Becerra, a great friend and, to many, the best chef in all of the Mexican Pacific.

    Mexican chef Roberto Ruiz

    From March 23 to 27, those who come to Barracuda MX will be able to travel to Sinaloa without leaving the center of Madrid, because Diego Becerra will bring all his wisdom about the gastronomic tradition of that area of ​​Mexico here. For five days he will share the kitchen with Roberto Ruiz, from which a collection of unrepeatable dishes will come out, see the oyster with green aguachile, the scraped shrimp ceviche, a mashed shrimp and a crispy chamorro, a grilled taco with an octopus and shrimp crust, Mazatlan style lobster taco…

    This orgy of Mexican flavors that will be difficult to repeat… but it will be repeated. Specifically, from March 30 to April 3 at Mantarraya MX, Roberto’s restaurant in Marbella. The first day will be a closed menu and, the following four, the dishes created for this celebration can be ordered separately.

    barracuda mx octopus tacos

    Roberto Ruiz’s octopus tacos. blessed glory.

    mike ponce

    In summary, two appointments that you should not miss if you can and if you like Mexican food, because it is a unique opportunity to taste what happens when two of the best Mexican chefs in the world share a frying pan. It’s as if you like playing football and Messi and Mbappe invite you to have a party. But here, on top, you don’t sweat.

    So you’re already taking time to book. You can do it at or by phone (Barracuda MX: 911 088 999, Mantarraya MX: 951 210 000).

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