Barbecue is not only made in Hidalgo, Oaxaca and Monterrey also have it

Anyone who hasn’t enjoyed a barbecue on a Sunday morning hasn’t had the full Mexican experience. Whether with the family or to cure a hangover, the famous “barbacha” is a dish full of tradition, history and variety. We can find it throughout the entire national territory because in pre-Hispanic times it was just a way of cooking; slow and patient, which helped to concentrate the juices of the meat without drying it out, maintaining its nutrients and enhancing the flavour.

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In former times, a great variety of meats lay patiently inside artificial holes at ground level, between the cool shelter of the maguey leaves and watched over by the glow of the embers. A long time had to wait to be able to enjoy the delicacy that, accompanied by corn tortillas and a good pulque, is today an inherited tradition.

Here we present three regional representatives of the barbecue:

The North

Monterrey is a city of synergistic traditions between its neighbors to the north and the Mexican people, the state of New Lion It provides beef of the best quality and this same permeates the dish in question. In this part of the country, the barbecue is a stew that can be prepared from family kitchens for Sunday pachangones.

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The meat that is taken care of is from the head of the beef, for which the meat is lean and soft. It is normally cooked in pressure cookers for about twelve hours, seasoned with onion, bay leaf, oregano, garlic, pepper, salt and in some cases soy sauce. It is enjoyed with “güeras” tortillas, sauce with chiltepin, lemon, onion and cilantro. Good option to enjoy the royal breakfast.

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In Oaxaca

In this beautiful southern state, barbecue wastes nothing. It is prepared in rectangular brick ovens, with embers initiated by the sweet smell of ocote. The meat is marinated with a rich guajillo chili sauce, while the consommé is prepared with the soft tissues of the goat or lamb. It is accompanied by a plate of cabbage finely cut into strips, onion, tomato, pickled radishes, cucumber slices, cilantro, carrot and gourds to give a touch of freshness in each bite.

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The peculiar thing about this barbecue is that it uses blood liquefied with jalapeño pepper, peppermintonion and salt to fill the goat’s stomach, along with a variety of tissues that are used very well when it comes to belly tacos.

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At the bottom of that folkloric oven at ground level, the consommé is blended with the coals to begin the seasoning, grids are prostrated on the saucepan, which in turn are covered by a layer of maguey leaves cooked and avocado leaves. On that green bed prostrate the segments of marinated lamb and they are covered with another layer of stalks and leaves. Sheets of metal crown the hole and are buried by a dense layer of Oaxacan earth that will prevent heat from escaping during the twelve hours required for cooking.

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The best known for the inhabitants of the capital and surrounding areas is the barbecue born from the round brick ovens planted in Hidalgo lands. The legendary chilanga hangover recipe begins its preparation with a consommé that has chickpeasrice, carrot, green bean, onion, garlic and morita chili or grated. Said ambrosia lies under the rain of the juices that the sheep cries during the six hours of waiting.

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Again, the maguey leaves are crucial for maintaining moisture and influencing the seasoning of the meat; Among its pieces you can count ribs, legs, backbone, head and the succulent belly. A preparation as aromatic as in the south is not sought after, since almost all of us taste the direct flavor of the consommé and our tacos accompanied by drunken sauces (with pulque), green and red, lemon juice, the dynamic duo of onion and cilantro, in addition to its touch of salt in the position of our preference.

Now that you know more options, we hope you dare to try the delicacies that our tradition is willing to provide. Bon Apetit.

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