Barbecue in Hidalgo: see where to eat it

Mexican barbecue is a must in Hidalgo for the weekend. Photo: Getty

The weekend begins and with it, also the freedom to eat something tasty outside the routine, a delicious dish that is characteristic to taste in Mexico… The barbecue!

Yes that delicious tender lamb meat that is so required on Saturday and Sunday mornings, accompanied by a delicious consommé, the result of the meat cooking juices.

The cooking of a traditional barbecue is done in maguey leaves underground. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

The word barbecue refers to a food whose cooking method is done in an oven under the of the hypotheses suggests that the word is from mayan etymology, Baalbak kaab, which means “meat covered with earth”Does the expression barbecue pit sound familiar to you?

According to the site, the recipe for the use of this oven made on earth comes from the time of our indigenous ancestors, before the Conquestalthough then birds, deer and fish were used and it would not have been until the Colonial period when the sheep was introduced.

The barbecue meat is made from lamb and given its cooking in an oven made on the ground, the meat is tender and juicy. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

Although today, in addition to the delicious barbecue, the oven is also used on the ground to cook chicken or pork meat, lamb meat is preferred in central Mexico, where Several states, such as Hidalgo, have an excellent reputation for tasting it, served with good tortillas, chopped onions, cilantro, nopalitos, tortillas by hand and of course, a couple of sauces to eat it.

Where can you eat barbecue in Hidalgo?


This town is one of the references to eat barbecue, during the month of July a gastronomic sample of the Barbacoa and the Ximbó, another traditional dish, is celebrated.

In this municipality it is common to find stalls all over its streets, so you will not suffer to find one, whatever it is, because in all of them, the barbecue preserves the way of cooking the meat wrapped in maguey leaves and in a hole in the ground. so that it is smooth and slides off the bones of the animal.

Barbecue is a traditional Mexican dish that in Hidalgo is famous for being delicious. Photo. Darkroom/Archive


As another of the municipalities to eat barbecue par excellence in Hidalgo, Ixmiquilpan is not far behind and can be tasted both in the municipal market and in the surrounding streets.Every year the Barbacoa and Pulque Fair is celebrated, where more than 40 hole barbecue producers meet.

The ovens for cooking barbecue meat should preferably be underground. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

town of tezontepec

This municipality recognized for the barbecue that it offers to the consumer, It also enjoys a reputation for good handmade tortillas with typical drinks to accompany such as pulque, cured meat and mead.