Banxico warns that 2022 reaches UPAEP margin

According to the projections of Bank of Mexicothe inflation in the country for the year 2022 that runs, will be on the edge of the 4.8 and 4.9 percenthigh figure that they will seek to alleviate for the following year.

This was confirmed by the Research Professor of the degree in Financial and Stock Market Administration of the UPAEP, Anselmo Chavez Capo.

According to these perspectives, he explained that, for the 2023 it is anticipated that the inflation behave around the 3 percent and more less 1 percentthat is, they seek greater stabilization.

Inflation does not paralyze the Mexican economy, it does penalize it, because in the end you have to continue with the consumption of goods and services, but you have to pay more for them”.

For example, a person can buy self-service storeswhich is more expensive than popular marketsinflation is the democracy of the economy, everyone is affected”.

This means that a person who has 200 pesos to pay a breakfastwith an older inflationnow you will have 250 pesos to pay for the same breakfast.

And it is that, while it grows in 28 percent the salarythe problem is that the inflation If you like.

In an analogy, there is no more expensive tax for families than a high inflationary process”.

Chavez Hoodexplained that this inflationary process everyone must stop society, Business and government.

What he should do government To mitigate inflationis to lessen the tax paymentfor example in Mexicothe federal authority already entered with a strategy in the part energetic.

However, he said that he is concerned that it is a decision to validate the word of the President that an effect on popular economy.

It is easy to say that it supports the popular economy by giving subsidies, but you were not able to generate plans and programs when the pandemic hit harder”, he said in relation to the government policy.

The academic of the UPAEPsaid, “inflation is stopped with monetary policy, so that people do not spend and prefer to invest with support to producers for a stronger monetary dynamic“.