Azul y Oro opens a new branch in the heart of Polanco and these are some of its unmissable dishes

This Cu classic has moved to a new location in the heart of Polanco to wow us with its Mexican haute cuisine.

If something characterizes restaurants Blue is his true passion for Mexican gastronomy. For more than 20 years, they have offered their guests a gastronomic offer that rediscovers the most traditional flavors of our countrythrough a complete and varied menu by the chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita. They currently have three branches in the CDMX that are slightly distinguished from each other by their emblematic locations: Historic Blue, Blue Countess Y Blue and gold which is opening a new address, now in Polanco!

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From the end of April 2022 Blue Restaurants began to form part of the gastronomic offer of Polanco in CDMX. Blue and gold –which you probably met in University City– has moved to a new location in the heart of Polanco to surprise us –as always– with its authentic traditional Mexican cuisine in the western area of ​​the city.

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As in each of his restaurants, here you will find unique Mexican dishes that the chef Ricardo Munoz Zurita It has been in charge of rescuing traditional recipes, placing value not only on the dish itself, but also on the history, ingredients and utensils used in each region of the country.

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Although the menu maintains some classics in all branches, such as the authentic Venison Salpicionthe Tortilla Soup and the tikin xic fish – prepared with achiote, accompanied by plantains, avocado, tortilla strips and xnipec sauce –, chef Zurita also invites us to discover the exclusive ones from Azul y Oro Polanco such as the unpublished guacamole with jerkythe heirloom tomato saladthe chipotle Love – served with the protein of your choice – and the chilaquiles with beef tip.

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When it comes to moles, the classic mole poblano served with turkey and yellow mole preserved with the old recipe made with yellow chilhuacle chili –which is a very expensive, scarce and rare chili– they are a true delicacy. The experience does not end there, some very hot ceremonial tortillas will arrive at your table to enjoy the dish as it should and with the desire to clean the plate.

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To accompany your food, they have an extensive menu of mezcal, wines, spirits and refreshing cocktails from which you will probably have a hard time choosing. If you have any questions, you can ask the service, they are very attentive and will gladly help you with the pairing in question.

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At dessert time there are already legendary dishes in the Azul restaurants that do not know how to fail, such is the case of sour orange cakethe seasonal ice cream and the Zapotec nicoatole. But if you prefer something much more refreshing and different to finish off your meal, you can’t miss the liquid dessert; This is a very special chocolate, it is a mixture of chef Ricardo with selected cocoa beans from Tabasco and Chiapas, manufactured in Oaxaca. They prepare it at your table with water and a traditional grinder, while they explain to you that it is actually served “warm” so that you can enjoy all the characteristics of chocolate.

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Within an environment that highlights the crafts of our country both in furniture and tableware, decorative objects and music, Polanco Blue and Gold offers a Mexican haute cuisine experience while making you feel in a cozy space. Our spot favorite to enjoy the experience: the upper floor for its view of Lincoln Park and the rays of light that enter from its balcony.

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Address: Av. Emilio Castelar 121, Polanco
Phone: 55 5280 9502