Ayuso gets off the PP barons with the textbooks: “It’s social engineering”

The Community of Madrid will request the Supreme Court precautionary measures to be able to start the next course with the same textbooks and not the new ones contemplated by the educational law of the central government, known as the ‘Celaá law’. Isabel Díaz Ayuso appeared at Puerta del Sol to explain the details of the appeal that her administration is filing today, just when the deadline to do so is met. She assured that his intention “was not to prosecute him” but, “seeing the drafts of the textbooks,” he said, “We have no other choice to take this step.”

“It is not a battle against anyone. it’s a defense. Faced with this ideological burden, we are obliged to defend ourselves,” she assured, accompanied by her Education Counselor, Enrique Ossorio. She defended being the only regional president to present the appeal, “I am president of the Community of Madrid above the acronym of my party,” she said, warning that informed the president Alberto Núñez Feijóo and who has autonomy, like the rest of the barons, to act accordingly.

Ayuso justified his action by assuring that “he will comply with the law” but “without stopping resorting to the mechanisms provided by the rule of law”, defending that the educational debate “is too important to develop into a pandemic and without consensus”.

asked a national debate in which all the sectors involved participate and harshly attacked the Government of Pedro Sánchez: “They use the worst arts, with a desire for social engineering. The Government wants a society to its measure. It is an issue that cannot be carried out without the participation of all civic and political forces”, Ayuso stated.

The president assured that the appeal to the Supreme Court (which could take at least a year to resolve the matter) is accompanied by precautionary measures with the intention that the next course start in Madrid with the current textbooks and not the new ones . She does not rule out, in any case, also going to the Constitutional Court.

The Madrid president considers that the new educational law “dynamite the framework on which coexistence is sustained Spanish” and showed his rejection that “the new generations do not know who they are and where they come from”. “This is part of a redesign of the whole of Spain,” she assured.

“Each CCAA makes its decisions”

The leader made an effort to downplay the fact that she is the only PP leader to legally combat the issue. “Each community makes its own decisions on matters within its jurisdiction. If the PP decided to approve a tax increase at the national level, I would obviously oppose it. This is the same. I have discussed it with President Feijóo and we have decided to take this path seeing that we have no other options,” he concluded.