Audit initiates file to investigate irregularities in the purchase and distribution of school breakfasts in pandemic

The Superior Audit Office of the State of Sinaloa will begin a specific audit of the state DIF to review possible irregularities in the purchase and distribution of school breakfasts during the coronavirus contingency and distance education.

This week, Noroeste published a joint report with Animal Politico documenting how the State System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family made purchases for more than 182 million pesos for the Cold School Breakfast program during 2020 and 2021 without guaranteeing its distribution and home schooling in between.

Before the pandemic, the program obeyed a logistics in which face-to-face educational centers were pillar spaces for the delivery of breakfasts directly to students, but during home education the same volumes of items were purchased as in previous years without noticing. a modification to this distribution strategy.

“When an event like this that could, presumably as we said at the beginning, be irregular in the management of public resources, the Audit Office is empowered to open ex officio that file that allows the financial audit to be carried out,” said the state’s superior auditor, Emma Guadalupe Felix Rivera.

“When we saw the news and realized that it was a call to us and it was our competition, the first thing we did was investigate if in 2020 we had any results in relation to that specific issue of those breakfasts, and how we did not audit DIF in 2020 we don’t have, we didn’t know, we didn’t have that review, that result. So with all the more reason we proceeded today, we are opening the file, we are requesting the corresponding information to send to the audit area, to the financial compliance area, which is the one who is going to carry out the specific investigation of the subject”

Félix Rivera explained that in this specific audit, the justification for the purchase will be sought, as well as the correct execution of the program, so it will be investigated whether the cold school breakfasts were delivered to the corresponding beneficiaries.

“We have already proceeded in knowledge to request information on that specific topic with the DIF entity. What is going to be reviewed there is precisely the justification for the acquisition, the resource with which it was acquired, and obviously that they have reached their destination,” he said.

In 2020 and 2021 DIF Sinaloa made five agreements with Mexican Food Security (Segalmex), a decentralized public body created by decree of the Federal Executive in 2019 in charge of giving guaranteed prices to producers and recently indicated by the Superior Audit of the Federation.

The total payment for at least five agreements amounted to 182 million 611 thousand pesos.

Félix Rivera explained that although the ASE is currently auditing the State Executive as part of its annual report, in the case of school breakfasts it should be investigated specifically.

“Necessarily, since we are also auditing 2021 in the executive, we necessarily have to open a specific audit,” the Auditor mentioned.