Arrimadas asks to change the Constitution to eliminate the distinction between “nation and region”

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The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, announced this Monday in Seville that her party wants eliminate the distinction between the expressions “nationalities and regions”which implies that “there are first and second territories“.

For this, the orange formation will present an initiative today in the Congress of Deputies in which it will be asked modify article 2 of the Spanish Constitution to proceed to eliminate these differences.

This is how Arrimadas spoke during his speech at an informative meeting organized by Europa Press Andalucía in collaboration with the Cajasol Foundation within the ‘Andalucía Vota’ cycle with the candidates for the Presidency of the Board of the main parties in the regional elections of 19 June.

Arrimadas has been in charge of presenting the Vice President of the Board and Cs candidate for the Presidency, John Marin.

In his opinion, it is acourageous and reformist initiative“, such as Ciudadanos, and which seeks to guarantee that “Spain is a nation of free and equal citizens, which is made up of 17 autonomous communities and two autonomous cities”.

The goal is that “there are neither first-class nor second-class citizens nor first-class or second-class territories“, has indicated the leader of Cs. Arrimadas, has regretted on the other hand that Andalusia has been treated “always, always always as a second-class territory”.

For this, in his opinion, two things are needed: “a liberal government with Citizens that continues to turn Andalusia into a locomotive and a Spanish government that does not treat this community as a second-rate region.”

The Basque Quota

Arrimadas has lamented that later there are Andalusian deputies in Congress who “clothes are torn” against the Basque quota and then, both PP, PSOE and Podemos “vote in favor”. A circumstance that causes Andalusian children and adults “to have fewer resources”.

The president of Cs has guaranteed that she and the deputies of her formation, “before voting in favor of the Basque coupon, they cut their hand“.

Therefore, they are going to present this initiative because Ciudadanos is “the only party” that defends Andalusian autonomy within a nation of free citizens”. Others, referring to Vox, “do not want Andalusia to have autonomy to define its things” and others “They want Spain to continue to have first- and second-class territories.”

For this reason, he has addressed Juan Marín telling him that he believes that he can “feel very proud” because he has been the vice president who has brought “change to Andalusia”.

The Andalusian politician added that “more challenges has overcome” and the only candidate of a party that “says the same about Despeñaperros from above as from Despeñaperros from below”.