Armando Ayala celebrates moms from Ensenada

Editorial Office/EL VIGÍA
Cove, B.C.

In a party atmosphere in which food and raffles were offered for gifts, more than 250 Ensenada mothers, social activists and community leaders were celebrated yesterday as part of Mother’s Day by the Ensenada City Council.
In the festivity held at the Coral and Marina Hotel, the municipal president Armando Ayala Robles, wished them the best in this celebration organized by the Directorate of Social Welfare and the Municipal Institute for Women.
The first mayor asserted that the government of Ensenada works hand in hand with the mothers of the municipality on various issues to move the city forward and bring greater well-being to the families of Buenos Aires.
He thanked his mother Patricia and his grandmothers Chayito de Robles and Carmen de Ayala for everything they had done for him, to whom he dedicated some emotional words in recognition of their unconditional love and support.
In the same way, he highlighted that in his cabinet there are mothers who, daily, in addition to providing love and education to their sons and daughters, fulfill their work assignment for the well-being of Ensenadenses.
On behalf of the mothers celebrated, Mrs. Judith Caballero, a resident of the former Chapultepec ejido, thanked the celebration as part of Mother’s Day, in addition to expressing a broad congratulations to all the mothers on their day.
Present at the celebration were the president of the DIF Ensenada, Mrs. Carmen Urías de Ayala; the director of Social Welfare, Eduardo Vega Zamora; the director of the Municipal Institute for Women, Luz María Vázquez Galindo; the deputy director of Crime Prevention, María Elena Monreal, and the mayor’s mother, Mrs. Patricia de Ayala, among other special guests.

employed moms
Likewise, the contribution of the mothers who work in the Ensenada government was recognized.
Before the celebration of the leading mothers of the neighborhoods, the first mayor toured the facilities of the Municipal House in order to recognize the contribution of the mothers who work in the government of Ensenada.
Armando Ayala gave a small present to each of the 428 mothers who work in the Ensenada City Council, wishing them the best of the best and recognizing their importance in the education of their sons and daughters.