Are tacos and burritos the same? We tell you 5 clear differences between these two Mexican dishes

Since the invention of Burritothis dish has been mistaken as a tacos more, because in essence it complies with the three essential elements that a cue should have: a tortillato filling and one saucehowever, there are many people who claim that this northern dish is not a taco, since it has its own identityThat is why we will talk to you about the differences between tacos and burritos so you can judge for yourself if they are the same or not.


one of the great differences with which one can differentiate Burrito of a tacos is the tortillaalthough in tacos this element can be made of different things such as cornthe flourand even other less conventional elements, in the case of the Burrito it is almost law that the tortilla is flour tortillathis marks a lot flavor what each dish entails.