Are AIFA tlayudas tlayudas or not? Debate fills networks with controversy and causes MEMES

Never before has there been such an intense debate around the tlayudas like the one that occurred throughout the day this Monday in the social media; All the controversy was generated after the dissemination of videos and photographs in which a woman is seen supposedly selling this product both inside and outside the recently opened Felipe √Āngeles International Airport (AIFA), located in Zumpango de Ocampo, State of Mexico.

In the images you can see long lines of people waiting to buy a tlayudahowever, as the clip went viral reactions among users also increased until the controversy was served. The reason? Many Internet users claimed that the product seen in the image does not correspond to a tlayudaand put as a reference images of this traditional and famous Oaxacan appetizer.

on the other side of the debate there were those who defended the authenticity of the images, since in the comments they explained that it is the name that in the Mexico City it is usually given to the product that the young woman of the videos. Which, however, is made in a totally different way than the dish that is customary to consume in the state of Oaxaca.

Controversy of the tlayuda generates funny memes in networks

“Are not tlayudas” was one of the most constant messages on social networks yesterday, especially by those from oaxaca or that they have traveled to that entity and consumed the local tlayudas. For many more it was a complete surprise to find out that product seen in the videos, strange to many, is also called by the name of tlayuda.

There were those who gave it the nickname “false tlayudas”, but at the same time they defended its exquisite flavor. It should be noted that the tlayudas, like the ones in the recording, are usually made with a toast hard made from blue corn, to which refried beans are added on top, nopales and cheese.

While the Oaxacan tlayuda It is made with a large tortilla whose main characteristic is its hard texture, this is put pig seat (ground fat), refried beans, cabbage, cheese, avocado, onion, tomato and is usually accompanied with some type of meatsuch as jerked meat (a very popular cut in oaxaca), the rib, chorizo, cecina enchilada, etc. They are even famous chapulines tlayudasa product quite consumed among Oaxacan society.

going back to the controversy generated in networks, there was an Internet user who explained that the product that the lady sold in the AIFA it’s actually a huarache. Identified as @EliudTapia, the user of Twitter published a text, which is attributed to a teacher of the Faculty of Humanities of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) in which it is clarified that it is actually a huarache.

“Product that represents the true typical Tolucan food. This is a saucer forged by the mothers del Cerro de la Teresona, in one of the hardest times of post-revolutionary Mexico. They improvised the food for their families with what they had at hand, that’s how the huarache came about,” reads the text shared.


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