Arango, contemporary cuisine with the best view of the city

On the seventh floor of the building with the best view of the Monument to the Revolution, is Arango. This restaurant is a window to the past, without taking your feet off the floor of the present.

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It is surrounded by imposing streets and facades of style art deco. the inside of the restaurant It is a space that mimics the vibe of the neighborhood with lamps, armchairs, bars and tables that seem to come out of the twenties.

Photo: special Arango

Between sighs and selfies, with the Plaza de la República or the Torre Latinoamericana in the background, you will come across the cuisine of chef Alejandro Cuatepotzo, who has one of the most innovative menus in demanding Mexico City.

roots cuisine

Arango and its menu are the reflection of memories, experiences, travels, learning and experiences of chef Alejandro. This chef from Puebla explains: “People get confused, they think that the term -roots cuisine- means that it is traditional cuisine or that it is Puebla gastronomy, because it is my birthplace.”

Photo: special Arango

For Cuatepotzo, his estate they are the means by which he feeds his gastronomic curiosity. Create dishes from rarely used ingredients, or the most common but applied to new techniques, having flavors that the gourmet who arrives at the table Arango can recognize in your taste file, is one of the biggest challenges of everyday life as a cook.

The menu

All kinds of delicacies come out of the kitchen of this spot. They have a fixed menu that undergoes small changes every six months, as regular customers do not allow favorites to disappear.

​​​​​​​​Photo: special Arango

If you are looking for a unique experience, the best option is to order the tasting menu, where, similar to an omakase, the chef sends a selection of dishes to the table that tell a different story every day.

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The recommendation is to let yourself go. The flavors, textures, aromas and presentations are impeccable. A trend throughout each time of the menu is the smoked touch, a kind of chef Alex’s signature that gives a personal touch and shows his taste for wood-burning stoves.

​​​​​​​​Photo: special Arango

Among the favorite dishes of the visit are the Arab lamb tacos with jocoque and hummus, with its freshness that develops in parallel with the warmth of the spices and that connects the Middle East with Puebla, the cradle of the Arab taco in Mexico.

The baroque mole, in the presentation that is eaten, is an expression of care, patience and even a bit of science, to achieve a deep and delicate flavor from the mixture of its ingredients.

​​​​​​​​Photo: special Arango

Cross your fingers that your tasting menu includes crispy octopus with black pipián and fish chorizo. If it doesn’t touch you, ask for it; is an unmissable Arango.

Enjoy its innovative cocktail bar and, if you are looking for something more traditional, the selection of wines is wide, made up mostly of Mexican labels, but with a selection from other countries that, with the recommendation of the service area, can take your culinary visit to the next level.

​​​​​​​​Photo: special Arango

Close the meal with a brie cheese cake with red berries and pennyroyal ice cream, the creamy, acid and fresh touch that is needed to say goodbye to the wonderful view and the delicious experience.

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