Apyme resumes its business days ‘Get to know my company’

APYME Vegas Altas – La Serena has resumed its face-to-face activity with a new edition of its business meetings, “Meet my company”, a networking breakfast that has had a significant presence of businessmen from the region. The act has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of Ibercaja.

The objective of these meetings is to find a suitable environment to promote relationships between businessmen, sharing experiences and presenting their work in search of new business opportunities.

The event began with a greeting from the entity’s president, Javier Dorado, who thanked the businessmen for their presence at such a difficult time that companies are going through and the collaboration of Ibercaja that has made the event possible. He then took the word of Roberto Ledesma, director of the Ibercaja Zone, who addressed those present.

For this return to face-to-face breakfasts, APYME Vegas Altas – La Serena has chosen Juan Francisco Casquero Díaz, who is director of Private Banking at Ibercaja, who has given an interesting presentation on “GEOPOLITICS AND INVESTMENTS”, in which the behavior and perspectives of the international financial markets in situations of war and geopolitical conflicts that we are going through.

After the presentation, a personalized presentation of the companies that were represented there and a brief description of their commercial activity was carried out. The day ended with the traditional networking breakfast, in which those present were able to exchange impressions and publicize the services they provide, in a personal way.

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