April is the perfect month to create a miniature garden of flowers and salad using this very common object

Many of us would like to have a small corner to cultivate. Yet, they give up because they have the idea that there is not enough space. Or they think that the land already present is perhaps not good. Finally, they believe the impact can be unsightly. They do not know, however, that there is a method that is popular among green thumb enthusiasts that will solve these aspects. Whether it’s a garden or just a balcony, growing salads and flowers in a very small space is possible. If we are good, using some simple tricks we can even attract a lot of butterflies.

The method is simple and you don’t need to have special skills to set it up. All you need is cardboard and a wooden pallet. You don’t even need to have a lot of light available, since some species of salads and flowers can, within certain limits, do without it. But let’s see how to do it, given that with the days getting longer and the heat coming, April is the perfect month to create new spaces and sow many new species.

An installation work and here the perimeter space will be ready

Obtaining a wooden pallet is an easy and extremely economical undertaking. All markets and fruit and vegetables have them available. Even if they didn’t give it to us, we can easily find some on the market. The shape is that of a raised wooden container. It is the ideal space to host small plant species. All we will have to think about is, if anything, to modify the shape of the pallet with some precautions. We may decide to remove the wooden planks if they bother us. We then carefully use the tools to remove the nails with which the boards are set. If the final destination will be a terrace, then we can then screw the wooden planks back on the side of the pallet that will come into contact with the floor.

If the final destination is a garden, it will not be necessary to place the containment boards. Simply place the pallet on top of cardboard sheets. At the most we will be able to add some boards to the side walls to form a further perimeter limit. Placing the cardboard underneath is essential because it will block the development of spontaneous herbs. Also, sooner or later it will naturally fall apart without causing damage to the ground. The important thing is to use cardboard without ink prints, plastic elements and adhesives. Cardboard will not prevent the roots from passing further if they need to.

April is the perfect month to create a miniature garden of flowers and salad using this very common object

We can then fill the pallet with soil. The choice will be made on the basis of what you want to plant. For salads and flowers we can use normal soil and loam, at most with a small portion of clayey soil to promote drainage. The first time it is set up it is better to insert an organic nutrient substance, possibly biological.

If the wooden structure will be placed on the terrace, it will be decisive to consider the root system of the vegetables that we will use. We could then decide to create the structure with more than one pallet. If, on the other hand, we want to create a very original planter, we remind you that with appropriate modifications we can simply place the pallet vertically. The space used will be very little and we will be able to obtain various rows of flowers. Remember to secure the pallet so that it does not fall.

If we want to grow salad, remember that this could hide pitfalls. Let’s avoid these sensational mistakes that many make and that risk ruining the time dedicated.

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