Anti-heat foods to fight the heat and cool down ‘from the inside’: delicious recipes

An unprecedented heat wave is forecast for us too. Summer is felt with peaks of 39 degrees maximum. A high pressure that involves all of Europe and will always bring temperatures above 35 degrees. Sultry days that require the utmost attention especially for the elderly and children.

Do you know that there are anti-heat foods capable of refreshing the body from the inside? They come in handy in hottest days, when the heat gives no respite. I’m rich in waterI am light and they also boast important properties for the care of your body.

here are the anti-heat foods perfect for the summer, to survive the very high temperatures and also for stay online!

What to eat when it’s hot?

Before we reveal our list of the magnificent 6, we want to give you some useful tips for better face the summer heat. First of all it is important drink plenty of fluidspossibly waterbut juices and juices are also fine, and integrate with gods mineral saltsto limit or completely avoid the risk of dehydration.

You have to bring everything you need to your body feed it without weighing it down. We remember him why we must not fastindeed it is always necessary eat five light, fresh meals a day. Only in this way will you feel empowered.


Rice salad with bresaola and peaches

Ingredients: Arborio rice 300 grams, Orion type peaches 200 grams, Bresaola 150 grams thinly sliced, Rocket to taste, Salt to taste, Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste

Cook the rice in abundant salted water. Cut the peaches into chunks, use ripe but firm fruits. Put them in a bowl. Add the bresaola cut into small pieces. Season with a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil. Once the rice has been drained and cooled, add it to the mix of peaches and bresaola. If you like, add a few chopped leaves of rocket. Serve accompanied by a good glass of Friulano at the right temperature.

Venere rice salad with raspberries, goat cheese and green beans

Ingredients: Venere rice 300 grams, raspberries 120 grams, Caprino 150 grams, boiled green beans 120 grams, salt to taste, extra virgin olive oil to taste

Cook the Venere rice in salted water. In another saucepan, boil the fresh green beans after having peeled them from both sides. Once the rice and green beans are cooked, add them in a bowl. Add fresh raspberries and goat flakes. A pinch of salt, extra virgin olive oil to feeling.

Melon and primosale salad – A different, nutritious and very fresh salad is the one prepared with melon and primosale. Cut a melon into cubes and place it in a large bowl, do the same with the primosale cheese (about 100 grams). You can also replace the first salt with feta if you like a stronger flavor. Add the washed and dried rocket and the ham or speck into strips. Season with oil and salt. If you like, you can add some chopped chives.

Chickpeas Salad – If you love legumes and, in particular, chickpeas, here is the recipe to mark: take 200 g of already cooked chickpeas, put them in a bowl, add about 80 grams of carrots cut into julienne or slices, add cherry tomatoes and cucumbers to slices, add some rocket to taste. Season with salt, oil and balsamic vinegar.

Greek salad – A great classic that always likes is the Greek salad. Cut 150-200 grams of lettuce and put it in a bowl. Add 200 grams of feta cheese, about 10 Greek olives, cut a red onion into slices (if you don’t like the onion you can also not put it, slightly revisiting the traditional recipe), add 2 sliced ​​cucumbers, two sliced ​​round tomatoes, oregano and oil to season and mix all the ingredients. If you like it, add some vinegar.

Salad with avocado – A superfood like avocado is a must in summer and is perfect when combined with other ingredients, such as chicken, lettuce and some light sauce. Take some lettuce (about 150 grams), wash and cut it, add some grilled chicken breast cut into strips, some diced avocado pulp, a little white yogurt and squeeze some lime. If you also want to include carbohydrates in your salad, complete it with bread cubes.

Rice salad – Simple to prepare, colorful, rich and tasty, it is certainly the queen of summer. Everyone can customize it by adding their favorite ingredient, but we provide you with a classic version, with ingredients you often already have in the fridge and pantry: tomatoes, tuna, olives, basil, sweet cheese cubes and, if you like, some ‘of cooked ham.

Chicken salad – A complete dish, but healthy and light, ideal if you have some leftover spit-roasted chicken, but which you can also make with grilled and cooled chicken breast, to which you just need to add crunchy vegetables: lettuce (or iceberg), cherry tomatoes , spring onions and carrots.

Colorful potato and green bean salad. Made richer and tastier by adding cherry tomatoes, olives, onions, tuna and oregano. Truly irresistible, easy to prepare and beautiful to present.

Octopus salad – We suggest two versions: a simple one, enriched only with green olives (click here for the complete recipe) and an even more delicious one by adding potatoes.

Pasta salad – it is a real cult of the summer. And if the great heat takes away the desire to cook for a long time, to turn on the oven and eat ‘hot’ dishes, a nice cold pasta allows us to enjoy a rich and greedy first course. We suggest it in the wonderful traditional version: with tomatoes, basil, tuna and olives.

Anti-heat foods: the best ever

Zuchini. With a very low calorie content, this vegetable is particularly recommended because it is an excellent source of minerals, including potassium, iron and phosphorus, vitamins A and C, carotenoids and is composed of 95% water. Lighter than that!

Cucumber. Composed of 96% water, cucumber has a powerful detoxifying action, is a diuretic and refreshes. It is also rich in vitamin C, amino acids and mineral salts. Make a nice salad and enjoy it for lunch!

Melon. One of the summer fruits par excellence composed mostly of water and a source of vitamins A and C. It is fresh but also rich in potassium, promotes circulation and has a beneficial action on blood pressure.

Fishing. Another unmissable summer fruit, with a slightly laxative and diuretic action, with powerful detoxifying and refreshing properties. Thanks to beta-carotene it protects skin and eyes.

Watermelon. We know that watermelon is mainly composed of water. What is less known is that it is rich in antioxidant substances, useful for fighting free radicals, and that it offers a good dose of potassium and magnesium, which help fight that feeling of exhaustion due to excessive heat.

Chicken. We close our list of 6 anti-hot foods with a protein food, which contains potassium, phosphorus, selenium, sodium and magnesium, vitamins B1 and B2 and, which we do not mind at all, is light! Be careful not to fry it though!

What not to do when it’s hot?

For anti-hot foods to work, you need to take them, but there are a number of them as well things not to do. Here are which ones:

  • limit or avoid consumption of sausages and seasoned foods
  • eat little and often
  • have breakfast with whole grains, yogurt and fresh fruit, to recharge your batteries
  • prefer fresh and light dishes
  • prefer raw vegetablesseasonal fruit and the fish
  • limit or avoid taking alcohol And drinks sugared