Announcement of clearing of routes in areas of trucker protests

The National Police will proceed to clear the different sections of the routes where the truck drivers protest. Riot police have already arrived at Clean.

On this fourth day of mobilization by truckers and in some cases platform drivers, who continue to demand that fuel prices drop, the National Police received an order from the Minister of the Interior, Federico González, to clear the routes, according to the Telefuturo report.

Given this provision, police officers, riot police and even a fire hydrant, reached route PY03, on the way to Emboscada, in the Limpio area, where they also seek to reinforce security.

On the Luque – San Bernardino route, there is a tense atmosphere since the intermittent cuts are made every 20 minutes, which causes a long queue by motorists.

Other intermittent route cutoff points in the Central department are; limit of San Lorenzo with Capiatá on the PY02 route, at kilometer 18.5, Luque – San Bernardino route, crossing at the detour to San Antonio, in Ñemby and the Itá roundabout.

The truckers announced that they will continue with the force measure this Thursday, despite the announcement of the price decrease of G. 500 per liter of type III diesel and gasoline of 93 from Petropar. They warned that they will continue fighting for the objective, which is to lower the price of all fuels by G. 1,000.

Medium and long distance transport companies temporarily suspended their services due to demonstrations in various parts of the country.

Support for truckers

A group of women got organized and brought breakfast to the truckers who are demonstrating in the former Aratirí area. “It is a common cause and we have to help each other. Today we are bringing breakfast for these people who are fighting for our country,” said a neighbor who came to help.

Since last Monday, the solidarity and empathy on the part of the people passing through the closure area have been noted, unlike other occasions, this time the truckers won general support.

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