an invitation to innovate in food

“Try to be part of something new”: an invitation to innovate in food

Silk, Danone’s leading brand in the plant-based beverage segment, relaunched its products at a breakfast full of surprises.

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Uruguayan consumers have shown increasing concern for a healthy diet. In recent years they are more aware of the importance of having a varied diet, diversifying the options beyond those of animal origin.

Silk, since its introduction in our country in 2018, has accompanied consumers in this change. Over the years, the brand has established itself as a leader in the “plant-based beverages” segment; launching more variety of flavors that respond to the preferences of Uruguayans and that adapt to their tastes and lifestyles.

Silk currently has a broad portfolio, which is a source of calcium and vitamins: almonds, vanilla almonds, chocolate almonds, coconut, rice and oats; in its versions with and without sugar.

“Little by little, we realized that consumers are looking to feel better through a flexible and varied diet. This does not imply restrictions or big changes, but to incorporate small changes in the diet. The most important thing is that everyone can do it at their own pace, step by step. For this reason, with rich and healthy options, our portfolio can accompany all Uruguayans looking for a change in their lifestyle. The Silk line is 100% natural, does not contain artificial colors or flavors, naturally lactose-free, with calcium and a source of Vitamin B12, D and E”, explained Tabata Imbriaco, Marketing Director of Danone Uruguay.

In the spirit of continuing to adapt to changes in Uruguayan consumption, Silk organized a breakfast at Lisandro Café & Restaurant in Carrasco on March 16 and relaunched the brand. The participants enjoyed a beautiful morning in which they tried “to be part of something new”, thus joining Silk’s campaign that promotes that great changes begin with a small action.

In addition, Silk surprised them with a tasting of various preparations that were made by chef Mónica Bonilla with the brand’s different varieties. the chef,

He highlighted the great versatility of Silk vegetable drinks that allows them to be combined in drinks such as coffee, smoothies, and can also be included in various recipes, sweet and savory. Cooking with Silk is discovering a new world, innovating and differentiating yourself from the usual classic recipes.

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