AMLO has breakfast with presidential candidates: first with Sheinbaum, now with Ebrard

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Breakfast with the presidential candidates for 2024? In this last week, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has met with two of his ‘corcholatas’ to share lunch.

On May 17, when the federal president concluded his morning conference from the Old City Hall, in Mexico City, he joked that it would be claudia sheinbaumhead of government of the capital, who would invite the food on that occasion.

“It’s time for breakfast. The head of government is going to invite us to breakfast here,” he said. She also added that the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard he would attend the lunch to, among other things, discuss the subject of the Summit of the Americas.

“He is waiting for me (Ebrard) because we have to see precisely this matter of the summit, he is waiting for me and he is going to have breakfast with us. And others,” he said.

Meanwhile, this Monday morning AMLO He commented in the ‘morning’ that he would have breakfast with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE). “If I tell you who (he would meet), I can go now? With Marcelo Ebrard. Goodbye, goodbye,” he joked with the journalists who attended the morning conference.

Mexico is ready for a female president: Sheinbaum

During her visit to Tamaulipas to show support for Morena’s candidate, Américo Villareal, the president of the capital took advantage of the moment to announce that Mexico is ready to have a female president.

Likewise, he specified that Mexico is prepared for “an astronaut, a president, an engineer” and that women are prepared to aspire to positions of popular election or “anything.”

It is in the public domain that Ebrard and Sheinbaum are two of the ‘bottle caps’ that AMLO ‘uncovered’ to occupy the presidential chair in 2024 and continue with the Fourth Transformation.