Amado Cruz Malpica celebrates the nurses of Coatzacoalcos


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Coatzacoalcos, Ver., May 12, 2022.- Within the framework of the International Nursing Day this May 12, workers of the IMSS, ISSSTE, Community Hospital, DIF and Municipal Public Health Directorate, were entertained by the Coatzacoalcos City Council with a well-deserved breakfast, in recognition of their commendable work during the pandemic.

The Municipal President, Amado Cruz Malpica, accompanied by the Sole Trustee and Aldermen, expressed his pleasure for this reunion, after having spent difficult days and having “fought a war”, in which they suffered painful casualties among doctors, nurses and male nurses.

“We, who are not at the forefront of these wars, obviously have a very full appreciation for all of you and I am very pleased that this morning we are holding a meeting in another setting, in the setting of being able to congratulate those who carry out this daily exercise in favor of everyone,” he said.

Cruz Malpica stressed that medicine is also a fight for social justice taken to the field of community and social participation in care: “Many of you who are practicing medicine in public institutions know of the tremendous lack, of the needs also of those who attend there”.

With the presence of health union leaders and directors of clinics and hospitals, the Municipal President congratulated the Twelfth Councilor, Víctor Octavio Paz Castilla, because he also has a degree in nursing and is part of that community.

Excited by the celebration, the delegational union representative of the General Hospital of Zone 36, Blanca Rodríguez Romero, broke her voice when she saw familiar faces of colleagues and remembered those who unfortunately lost their lives in the fight against Covid-19.

“My voice breaks, why? Because I lived it, I lived that desperate moment; however, I recognize that this category of nurses fills you with humanism, because your heart will always break at the loss of a human being, even if it is not familiar or known, ”she said.

He asked Amado Cruz to be a spokesperson and ambassador for the working base, exposing the needs in the Health Sector and also as employees, to have good hospitals and provide better service.

After sharing a pleasant breakfast, the townsperson broke the cake for the celebration, accompanied by nurses from the IMSS, ISSSTE, Community Hospital, DIF, and the Municipal Public Health Directorate, who experienced a morning of great camaraderie.

May 12 marks International Nursing Day, as a tribute to the birth of Florence Nightingale, a nurse trained in England who is credited with the creation of Professional Nursing. Originally this celebration was held on January 6, therefore, this is the first time that it will be commemorated on the international date.

It was attended by Dr. Arturo Pineda Pineda on behalf of the Director of the Community Hospital, Gaspar Antonio Vivas Castillo; Ana Lorena Esquivel Olvera, sectional representative of the National Union of Social Security Workers (IMSS); Doctor Miguel Ángel Jiménez Victoria, Director of the Family Medical Unit 67.

Nurse José Luis Enríquez Guzmán, ISSSTE union representative; Juan Reveles Wong, union representative of Clinic 36; Dr. Esperanza de la Rosa Valencia, Director of the ISSSTE Coatzacoalcos Hospital Clinic; Marisela Hernández Morales, Head of Nurses at IMSS 36.

Union representatives from Clinic 36, nurse Carlos Enrique Banda Román and attorney Jairo Galicia Rubio; as well as Dr. Lili de los Santos Sevilla, representing the Sanitary Jurisdiction 11.