Almost 800,000 Mexican minors with malnutrition or at risk

There are about 4.4 million Mexican minors under the age of 15, representing 26% of the state’s population, reported the National Institute of Statistic and Geography.

So far in 2022:

18% of that total has malnutrition or is at risk, that is, more than 796,856 Mexican children, reported the DIFF.

Nearly 84% of minors who present deficiency in their diet:

Have you received any of the school breakfasts that participate in the programs of the DIFFER.

To treat malnutrition

The instance assures that they delivered 17 million 956 thousand 325 cold school breakfasts for 485 thousand 303 children daily.

6 million 892 thousand 545 hot breakfasts for 186 thousand 285 children, with which they reached 671 thousand 588 children attended in the 2 modalities.

The School Nutrition program in its Cold Breakfast modality delivered 5 different menus and a pantry for Hot School Breakfasts.

That were approved in the evaluation carried out by the National System DIFF in accordance with the Criteria of Nutritional Quality.

Established in the Comprehensive Strategy for Food Assistance and Community Development.

Other programs for Mexican minors

1,788 children received care in day care centers and state gardens.

Every day 317 minors obtained residential care in the Social Assistance Centers of the DIFFER.

The educational continuity of 202 children and adolescents in foster care in the DIFEM Centers was managed.

9 supervision visits to the Public and Private Social Assistance Centers to verify that they comply with the requirements established by the Law.

Also 16 special adoption trials under judicial guardianship of the DIFFER.

184 follow-ups to family integration.

196 girls, boys and adolescents were represented in adjuvantin substitution I special before the Public Ministry and/or jurisdictional authorities.

Shelter was provided to 2,473 relatives of patients hospitalized at the Family Shelter Clinic.

2,295 food aids were provided to people housed in said shelter.

9 children were reinstated, which made it possible to guarantee their best interests.