Allerta Mix salad in envelope | Immediate recall | Brand and lots involved

Food references from operators in the sector are multiplying, today the note comes from a well-known supermarket chain and concerns a mix of salad in bags and more: we see the brand and photos of the products involved in the withdrawal.

In the summer period there is always greater attention to the quality control of food.

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This is because as we all know even though we are not experts, it is much easier with high temperatures to cause interruptions in the cold chain or in any case for bacterial proliferation to occur.

The latest food references, from chocolate biscuits to yogurt: all the health risks

A few days ago, very famous confectionery products, much loved especially by children, ended up in the crosshairs of the competent authorities. We are talking about the ‘Nippon’ puffed rice and milk chocolate biscuits and specifically the recalled lots were sold in Coop supermarkets. The reason for the recall was the possible presence of pieces of plastic in the affected packaging, so it happened as a precaution. Not only that, another immediate withdrawal from the shelves concerned the Coop brand yoghurts of the ‘Soja Yobene si’ and ‘Frutta e Cereali’ lines. This time the problem arises from a printing error on the back of the label that incorrectly says ‘gluten-free’.

When, on the other hand, the products contain it, thus being able to cause a serious allergic reaction in those suffering from celiac disease. Also this time, the withdrawal comes from a well-known supermarket chain, which has deemed it appropriate to issue an alert and therefore have the immediate withdrawal of two products much loved and consumed especially by those on a diet or following a controlled diet. We are talking about the ALDI supermarkets that have issued a press release specifying the affected products and all the information regarding the recall.

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Products recalled here are all the details and photos, do not consume

The first product is the Mediterranean Salad Mix, sold in packs of 140 grams under the Happy Harvest brand and distributed by the supplier Pedon Spa. The lots with the following expiration dates are involved in the recall: 12/01/23, 27/08 / 22, 05/10/22, 24/11/22, 10/03/23 and 28/04/23. The second interested in the recall is part of the same line and it is the Breakfast Mix always in packs of 140 grams, under the Happy Harvest brand and distributed by the supplier Pedon Spa. The lots with the following expiry dates are involved in the recall: 12/16/22, 12/01/23, 05/10 / 22, 04/10/22, 24/11/22, 10/03/23, 09/03/23 and 27/04/23.

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Following a self-check by the supplier, the presence of soy not declared on the label was found, therefore it was necessary to withdraw it to avoid health problems in those who are allergic or intolerant to this food. The packages in question were sold at ALDI points of sale until June 8, then they were suddenly removed from the shelves. Who was in possession of it please do not consume them and bring them back to the supermarket where you bought them for a refund. The company also specifies that the refund will be granted even without showing the purchase receipt. For any requests for clarification, please contact ALDI Customer Service at the following number: 800-370370 (Mon-Fri 8: 30-17: 00, Sat 8: 00-14: 00).

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