Alex Caniggia’s romantic proposal to Melody Luz at El Hotel de los Famosos: “I’ll take you to…”

Thursday, May 12, 2022


The Hotel of the Famous is on fire after meeting different interns among the participants. With the last two eliminations, Silvina Moon Y Walter Queijeiro shamelessly charged against their companions accusing them of various issues.

The first one has to do with the bullying that exists within the program. The same guests and the staff begin to suffer so many days of confinement to the point that the chinese leunis Y pampita They must have interfered so that the issue does not go to the greatest.

In the middle of a crossfire, Chanchi Estevez he stole the cameras by being listed as a traitor. In addition to this, the former soccer player became the manager of guards in the kitchen, based on the new rules that were implemented in the hotel.

Other people who have gained great prominence in recent weeks are Alexander Caniggia Y Melody Light. Two of the great candidates to prevail in the reality show, who a few days ago confirmed their relationship and had a talk that impressed those present.

At breakfast with locho loccisano, Alex Y Mel They shared a pleasant moment that ended up becoming an exchange of romantic words. As they ate their first meal of the day, the replacement for Rodrigo Noya he consulted the son of Claudius Paul Y Mariana Nannis.

“Are you going to stay in Argentina now or are you going?” he asked. locho a Alexanderwho did not hesitate to reply: “No, now I’m going all over Europe in July, a month with friends. Then I’ll come back and continue.” With that message on the table, the talk turned to the side of Melody.

Just hearing this from his partner inside the hotel, his face showed some discomfort. Nevertheless, loccisano decided to go for more and asked the participant “Are you going to do something?”, but her answer led to a very playful proposal of Caniggia.

“I didn’t plan anything”, she affirmed. Automatically, her boyfriend invited her to accompany him and enjoy a stay in the Old Continent. “Well, then come with me. Carlita comes on a trip with me, I’ll take her from one of her “. But the talk did not end there, but Light He concluded with a clear future certainty about this invitation: “Wait for me to win here and we’ll go.”